Center of Concern (CoC) invites qualified and competent consultant firm


  • Category : Baseline Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 12/21/2022
  • Phone Number : 046225011
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 12/27/2022


Notice for Bid Invitation

For End-of-Project Evaluation

Center of Concern (CoC) is a national non-governmental Organization, invites qualified and competent consultant firm to conduct end term project evaluation for the project entitled “Enhancing Participation of Women in Politics and Governance in SNNPR”.

Therefore, any interested bidders can collect the bid document during office hours.

  1. Consultant qualification requirements include: The firm engages in similar business, who have legal renewed Trade License, TIN Certificate, VAT Registration Certificate and have experience of evaluation on EU Funded Projects
  2. Bidders can collect bid document within 7 days starting from the day where this notice is posted to Ethiopian reporter newspaper (December 21, 2022 to December 27, 2022).
  3. Bidders delivered to the address below in sealed and stamped envelopes:

Put in separate envelopes marked “Technical Offer” and “Financial Offer”.

  1. Bidders should submit original technical and financial proposal in a separate sealed envelope to CoC address below
  2. Bid will be closed on December 27, 2022 at 10:00 A.M and opened at the same day 10:30 A.M at CoC meeting room in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who choose to attend.
  3. CoC reserves the right to reject the bid to cancel the bidding process and to reject all bids at any time before contract award, without incurring any liability to bidders
  4. All costs should be with VAT

Center of Concern

Physical address: Hawassa, Haik Dar Sub City, Amoragedel Street, Red Cross Compound.

Tel:+251-046225011, P. O. Box 1980, Hawassa.