ChildFund Ethiopia bid for the supply of primary and secondary sources, including high quality photographs and maps



  • Category : Other Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 03/28/2021
  • Phone Number : 0116612928
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 04/06/2021



ChildFund Ethiopia is an international child focused NGO working to improve the wellbeing of deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and families. We achieve positive change in communities in partnership with local organizations through our three core programs that improve education, health and livelihoods and achieve the outcomes of healthy and secure infants, educated and confident children and skilled and involved youth.

ChildFund Ethiopia has planned to conduct feasibility and risk assessment for ChildFund Ethiopia Humanitarian Program Expansion. The assessment should use primary and secondary sources, including high quality photographs and maps; tables and charts as appropriate in Somali, Tigray, Benishangul, Afar and Gambella regions.

A complete set of the bidding document (TOR) could be collected by eligible bidders from ChildFund Ethiopia office on the address shown below starting from Mar 29-Apri 02, 2021; interested firms should bring their copy of licence while collecting bid document from ChildFund Office. 

ChildFund Ethiopia,

Bole Sub city – KebIe 03 H. No 2310

P.O. Box 5545- Tel: 011 661 29 28

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


  1. Bidders should provide TIN certificate, VAT registration certificate/TOT, business registrations certificates and Business License that have all been renewed for the current fiscal year.
  2. Bidders shall provide Company profile that includes HR, Financial and Clientele information
  3. Bidders shall provide proof of qualification and similar experience of the lead consultant and team members.
  4. Bidders shall provide proof of experience of the firm in the similar consultancy services.
  5. Bidders shall clearly state the price in ETB including VAT/ToT and other related cost such logistics costs.

Interested bidders should submit their sealed Technical and Financial proposals in two separate envelopes duly marking the envelopes as “Technical” and “Financial” proposals. The document must be delivered to the address above in the bid box prepared for this purpose on or before 2:00PM (8:00PM local time) 06th of April 2021. Bid will be opened by procurement committee.

Qualified consultants will be considered based on their responsiveness to the requirements listed in the TOR, technical, and financial evaluation results. Finally, the winner bidder will be notified through the firm address.

Bidders will be responsible for all costs related to bid preparation and submission, which is not considered as a direct cost of the project.

ChildFund Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject all or parts of the bids at any time without assigning any reason or reasons whatsoever. 

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