Consortium of Max Foundation and Plan International Ethiopia would like to invite interested consultant firms



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  • Posted Date : 07/20/2022
  • Phone Number : 0116672599
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  • Closing Date : 08/02/2022


Open Tender (Re-advertised)

Consultancy Service for the Climate vulnerability and Resilience (CVR) assessment for the Healthy Village Program (HVP)

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Consortium partners information

Max Foundation

Max is a Netherlands-based NGO, founded in 2005, which has reached over 2 million people to date with nutrition, clean water, adequate sanitation services, and safe motherhood support. It aims at full coverage, while targeting hard to reach areas and vulnerable groups such as the poorest (pregnant) women and children, with Programmes in Bangladesh and Nepal. Max has developed the evidence-based Max Healthy Village approach with a huge impact on child health. Max has demonstrated effective community strengthening, institutional embedding and sustainable market models, using a business-driven approach and involving local entrepreneurs. Max brings expertise in integrated WASH and nutrition programming, Baby WASH, sanitation marketing and entrepreneurial models to scale up supply and demand for improved sanitation.  In 2020 Max has registered and established an office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

     Plan International

Plan International Nederland is a Member of Plan International, an independent development and humanitarian organisation working in 51 countries; one of the world’s largest organisations working for children’s rights and gender equality, and WASH. In 2020 Plan reached 26.9 million girls and 24.1 million boys. Some Plan offices, including the Netherlands and Ethiopia, also have nutrition and food security experience. Plan will add value through a gender transformative approach; expertise with implementing CLTS; and Multiple Use of Water systems (MUS) for improved food and nutrition security in Ethiopia. Between 2010 and 2018, Plan International Ethiopia reached 2.8 million people with WASH and Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) services.

Healthy village Programme (HVP)

Consortium of Max Foundation and Plan International Ethiopia have developed an innovative five-year (2020 – 2025) integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), food and nutrition security programme called the ‘Healthy Village Programme’ (HVP) to reduce stunting and water- and faecal-borne diseases in a sustainable manner, jointly with the Government of Ethiopia. The Programme aims to reach approximately 400,000 people, who are the most vulnerable or do not yet have sufficient access to clean water and sanitation, are food insecure and/or have poor nutritional status.

The Healthy Village Programme (HVP) is being implemented in three Seqota Declaration woredas in Amhara region, Shebel Berenta, Goncha Siso Enessie and Enebssie Sar Midir woredas in East Gojjam Zone. As one of the cross-cutting issues which is climate change resilience of the HVP, it envisages to assess and analyse the Climate change vulnerability and resilience (CVR) assessment in the above-mentioned areas.


  • The CRV assessment will analyse climate risks that could affect the programme from current climate conditions and trends for the agriculture, health, gender, and water sectors, as well as more long-term projections.
  • It analyses and assesses the IWRM and hydrogeological review along with the CVR of those given localities.
  • The study is also to propose the resilience and adaptation mechanisms as to be part of activity-output- outcome level implementation in the aforementioned sectors.
  • It will also provide the basis for guiding subsequent actions, which will ensure that the program is carried out taking into account any climate-related risks and adaptation needs and options. These suggested actions should be clearly detailed in the report in the form of an action plan, which also highlights the trade-offs, risks, expected costs and expected impact where relevant.

The consortium would like to invite interested consultant firms to participate on this invitation and submit their technical and financial proposal, as per the stipulated conditions in the Terms of Reference (ToR). Interested consultancy firms who would be able to fulfil the requirements stated in the ToR are welcome to offer. The following points are a guide for the bid processing.

All the required and relevant information on the bid processing, including the ToR will be accessed from the Max Foundation Ethiopia (MFE) Office based at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with free of charge starting from 20 July 2022 for the following 10 consecutive working days.

  1. Bidders should bring a copy of renewed business license and Tax identification number to collect the ToR
  2. All bids must be delivered/submitted physically to the address below before 04:00 PM local time on Tuesday 2 August 2022.

                MFE-Office, Bole Sub City, Woreda 4 Hayehulet 22 Mazoria

                Behind Rewina building Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

1st floor, reception desk 

  1. Bidders must submit the technical and the financial offer in separate envelopes in duplicate copies labelled as original and copy accompanied by a bid security in an acceptable form of CPO (5%) or Bank guarantee.
  2. Copy of renewed Trade license, VAT Registration Certificate and TIN Certificate are required while submitting the bid documents.
  3. The sealed bid document shall be placed in the box prepared for this purpose on 2 August 2022 by 4:00 PM.
  4. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders’ or their legal representative at the MFE’s meeting Hall on Wednesday 3 August 2022 at 9:30 AM morning time.
  5. Tenders submitted after the deadline will be automatically rejected.
  6. Failure to comply with any of the conditions stated above from No 2 to 5 shall result in automatic rejection.
  7. MFE reserves the right to cancel the bid fully or partially without fixing any reason thereof.
  8. For any information you may contact with Tel No: +251 116672599.