Cordaid Ethiopia Call for Proposal: Salary and Benefits Survey Consultant



  • Category : Financial Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 01/04/2023
  • Phone Number : 0115578368
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 01/24/2023


Call for Proposal: Salary and Benefits Survey Consultant

Job Description


Cordaid Ethiopia, being operational since 2006, initially focused on disaster risk management. Through these programs, we enabled local communities to develop the capacity to deal with unexpected man-made and natural disasters. In 2015, we expanded our work to different sectors, including health care. We strengthen the health care system in fragile areas and vulnerable communities. This includes strengthening the capacity of healthcare service providers to deliver comprehensive and quality healthcare service for their communities. Cordaid Ethiopia implements projects in humanitarian aid, health care, private sector development, and food and income in close collaboration with local partners. Within these sectors, we focus on strengthening health, food security and livelihoods, job creation, women, peace and security, resilience building, disaster risk reduction, and humanitarian responses.

Thus, the organization is initiated to understand where Cordaid is in relation to the current compensation packages against the overall market in the INGO sector under its comparator group with the aim of reviewing its current salary scale and benefits packages. As a result, Cordaid is looking for a qualified consultant for this assignment.


The objective of this work is to provide concrete and feasible recommendations to Cordaid Ethiopia’s Senior Management Team regarding improvement of its staff payment package, with the aim of becoming more competitive, and to attract and retain a competent workforce in Ethiopia.

Below are specific objectives of the work:

  • To conduct a comprehensive review of the existing salary structure and benefits of Cordaid Ethiopia national staff
  • To prepare proposed salary scales based on the market data and propose different salary structure and benefits including per diem and staff training and development.
  • To prepare a revised salary scale based on the market data and propose different salary structure and benefits including per diem.
  • To prepare implementation guidelines for the different pay level options that will address pay inequalities and disparities among job holders in similar and different units of the organization.


The expected key outputs of this consultancy service are the following:

  • Summary of key findings from the review, proposed redesign of job grades and classification of jobs with identified job evaluation methods, with proposed actions.
  • Classification of positions within the recommended Salary scale structure.
  • Summary and analysis of salary and benefits survey from comparable market in comparison with Cordaid Ethiopia with clear identification of areas that require revision/change and others that are in line with the market.
  • Presentations to Senior Management team on the draft analysis report of proposed salary and benefits structure (with details of Salary scale, grading, classification, steps, etc.) with a minimum of two or three scenarios by incorporating implementation guidelines.
  • Final comprehensive report including market survey finding, analysis, recommended salary and benefit structure incorporating feedback from Senior Management team of Cordaid Ethiopia and including implementation guideline with a proposal for maintenance of the system.
  • Submit reports electronically and in Hard copy in the number of 1 copy to the Human resource department and one copy to the Sr. Management Team. The write-up of the report must be in English.

How to Apply

  1. Submission of application

 Proposals must be submitted in two sealed envelopes, one original Technical, and one original Financial Separately, bearing an official company seal, and clearly marked by the name, address, and reference number, and title Call for Proposal: Salary and Benefits Survey Consultant. In-person to the Cordaid Ethiopia Country Office before or on 04:00 pm January 24, 2023.

  To obtain the entire Terms of Reference, all interested consultants should send an email with the subject line. Call for Proposal: Salary and Benefits Survey Consultant

to [email protected]

Office address: Bole homes, From Bole airport on the way to Korea Hospital. 011-5-57-83-68.

Any questions or clarifications  must be addressed to Human Resources Manager [email protected]

cc Firehiwot Bekele [email protected] ; Polite Dube [email protected] ;  Shyvonne Henry [email protected]; Zarir Merat [email protected]; Olive Biliku [email protected];

DEADLINE for submission: Before or on 04:00 pm January 24, 2023.

* Nothing herein shall obligate Cordaid to award a contract to any responding application.