Damot union would like to invite eligible bidders for the provision of advisory service to the union on establishing a Maize Processing Factory.


  • Category : Organizational Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 07/30/2022
  • E-mail : berhanu@agriterra.org
  • Phone Number : 0943113242
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 08/09/2022


Re-Invitation for Consultancy Advisory Service – third times

Provision of advisory service to Damot Multi-purpose Farmers cooperative union for setting up of Maize processing Factory at Bure IAIP

Damot farmers’ cooperative union, located in Bure town of Amhara region, wants to engage in value addition activities and is interested to process Maize into flour, Grits, starch, oil, and by-products for animals’ feed. A detailed feasibility study has been conducted and the report has already shown engaging in the above business activities at Bure Integrated Agro-Industrial Park is a feasible business. Thus, Damot general assembly has already decided to make the investment in different phases. So, the union plan is to start by establishing a factory with flour, grits, and extraction of starch with the possibility of extension to Oil, Animal feed, etc.…. in the next phases. The planned factory will have an estimated daily production capacity of 1400 quintals of Maize flour, grits, and Starch per day.

Damot union would like to invite eligible bidders for the provision of advisory service to the union on establishing a Maize Processing Factory. Therefore, interested bidders may participate in this bid with due consideration of the following requirements:

  1. A renewed business license for the current Ethiopian year.
  2. To be registered with Ethiopian tax authorities and should produce valid documents including VAT, TIN, Tax clearance, and MoF/PPA registration certificates.
  3. Proven experience and skills in advising the establishment of Maize flour, Grits, extraction of Starch from Maize, Maize oil, and Animal feed factories or similar business venture
  4. Documented evidence of similar works and references to work
  5. All bidders should submit a separate technical (all pages stamped) showing methodologies, approaches, and timelines; a financial proposal, and a two percent bid bond.
  6. Bidders must submit a two percent CPO bid bond amount from their financial offer for this tender separtely. A CPO must be prepared under the name of ‘’Damot Multi-Purpose Farmers Cooperative Union’’

Application guidelines:

Interested applicants should submit three separate sealed documents that include a technical proposal, and curriculum vitae of the proposed professional(s) with supporting documentation. The second document should include financial requirements and the third document should have a two percent bid bond CPO.  All bids must be submitted within the next 7 working days (Including Saturday) effective after the announcement of this bid. Clarification/enquires can be forwarded to the following contact address:

  • Damot Multi-Purpose FCU office (Bure +251-930 973 313) or damotfcu@gmail.com
  • Agriterra Office (Addis Ababa, Wello-Sefer Road, in front of Wengelawit Tadesse building), +251-943-113-242. By sending a requesting email to berhanu@agriterra.org

The consultant must work and advise with different stakeholders and professionals for better achievement of the project. The detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) for the consultancy work can be collected and sent application documents to the following address by paying ETB 100.

Damot Multipurpose Farmers’ Cooperative Union -Bure, West Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region or Agriterra office Wello-Sefer, at Kasma building six floors, in front of Wengelawit Tadesse building, Addis Ababa.  Note: Damot Union has the right to cancel the tender fully/partially.