Dashen Bank invites all interested and potential bidders for procurement of the under listed items and Licenses.



  • Category : Purchases
  • Posted Date : 09/03/2021
  • Phone Number : 0115180356
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 09/20/2021



National Competitive Bid (NCB)

Procurement Reference Number: DB/008/OT/2021/22

  1. Dashen Bank invites all interested and potential bidders for procurement of the under listed items and Licenses.
S.N Items/Licenses  Descriptions
1 Tripwire FIM License and support renewal
1 Nessus Vulnerability scanning tool license renewal
1 Kaspersky Antivirus License for 2,000 Computers
1 Imperva WAF/DAM License renewal
1 IBM Qradar SIEM Flow & Event Management License
1 IBM Qradar Watson License
1 BIG IP F5 License  and support
1 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Indoor IP Cameras With Management software for 40 selected dashen Bank Branches (City and outlying)
1 Medium Photocopy Machines (Re-bid) pcs 205
1 Heavy Duty Photocopy Machines (Re-bid) pcs 32
  1. Interested and eligible bidders are invited to purchase and download the complete set of the official bidding document via online :https://bids.extratenders.com/bids-shop/dashen-bank-sc/ to access the bidding document by having paid Non-refundable Fee ETB 120.00 /One Hundred Twenty Birr Only)starting from September 06,2021. Please contact the support team at 0903050005/ 0116914001/ 0116 663600 for quick registration and download while purchasing the document.
  2. The bidders must be presented the Copy of renewed Trade License, VAT Registration Certificate and TIN Certificate is required while submitting the bid document.
  3. Bid must be accompanied by a bid bond amount of
    • for Lot IBirr 69,000.00 (Birr Sixty Nine Thousand Only),
    • for Lot IIBirr 57,500.00 (Birr Fifty SevenThousand Five HundredOnly),
    • for Lot IIIBirr 18,400.00 (Birr Eighteen Thousand Four Hundred Only),
    • for Lot IVBirr 92,000.00 (BirrNinety TwoThousand Only),
    • for Lot VBirr 103,500.00 (Birr One Hundred Three Thousand Five Hundred Only),
    • for Lot VIBirr 69,000.00 (Birr Sixty Nine Thousand Only),
    • for Lot VIIBirr 46,000.00 (Birr Forty SixThousand Only),
    • for Lot VIIIBirr 250,00.00 (Birr Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Only), and
    • for Lot IXBirr 250,00.00 (Birr Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Only)must be presented as a bid security in the form of unconditional & irrevocable Bank Guarantee or cashier’s payment order (CPO) at least valid for 120 days upon submission of offer. At the same time, the bid validity shall be 90
  1. Bidders must submit the TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL Bid in separate envelopes, labeled as original and copy, and accompanied by a bid security.
  2. The sealed bid document shall be placed in the box prepared for this purpose as per the below listed schedule at Supply Chain Management Department, Dashen Bank New Head Quarter Building 14th floor in front of National Bank of Ethiopia. Late bids shall be rejected.
    • September 20, 2021 up to 5:00 PM for Lot-I up to Lot-V
    • September 21,2021 up to 5:00 PM for Lot-VI up to Lot-IX
  1. Bid opening shall be conducted in the presence of bidder’s representatives who choose to attend in person at the avenue of Dashen Bank, 14th floor Supply Chain Management Department, meeting hall as per the following details.
    • September 21,2021, @ 9:30 AM Morning for Lot-I up to Lot-V
    • September 22,2021 @ 9:30 AM Morning for Lot-VI up to Lot-IX
  1. Failure to comply with any of the conditions stated above from No. 2 to 5 shall result in automatic rejection.
  2. The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject the bid either partially or fully.
  3. For any information you may contact Supply Chain Management Department office line. +25111 518 0356 Ext.4107/3038/3156/4177/0041/3153/3159

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