Education Development Trust (EDT) Office is looking to enter into a long‐term agreement with selected supplier of stationery item for our office



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  • Posted Date : 08/20/2022
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  • Phone Number : 0114702596
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  • Closing Date : 08/31/2022



Stationery Items

Education Development Trust (EDT) is an international organization that exists to make a difference to the lives of leaners through its various offices around the world. It aims at transforming lives by improving education through shaping the education systems and designing education solutions to give young people everywhere a brighter future. We partner with governments to help make ambitious and visionary education policy a reality.

EDT Ethiopia Office is looking to enter into a long‐term agreement with selected supplier of stationery item for our office as per the following list.

Description and Specifications of Item
Unit Unit Price including
1 Binding Clips 25mm Pkt
2 Binding Clips 32mm Pkt
3 Binding Clips 41mm Pkt
4 Box file, Kent Pcs
5 Calculator medium Pcs
6 Certificate Paper Pcs
7 Envelope A4 Pkt
8 Envelope small Pkt
9 Flip Chart Pcs
10 Highlighter Pcs
11 Marker permanent, Artline Pcs
12 Marker, white board Pcs
13 Masking Tape Roll
14 Name Tag pcs
15 Paper clips 28mm Pkt
16 Paper clips 33mm Pkt
17 Paper clips 50mm Pkt
18 Paper folder L Shape Pcs
19 Paper Tray – 2 layers Pcs
20 Pen Lexi Pcs
21 Pencil Sharpener small Pcs
22 Pencil, dot Pcs
23 Photocopy paper A4, paper one Reem
24 Plastic file with fastener Pcs
25 Plastic folder Pcs
26 Post it different color Pcs
27 Puncher big Pcs
29 Puncher medium Pcs

30 Push Pin Pcs
31 Scotch Tape Big Pcs
32 Scotch tape medium Pcs
33 Staple remover Pcs
34 Stapler big Pcs
35 Stapler medium Pcs
36 Staples wire big Pkt
37 Staples wire standard Pkt
38 Stick it / post it note, big Pcs
39 Stick it / post it note, medium Pcs
40 UHU Liquid Pcs
41 UHU stick Pcs

42 Writing pad imported, A4, Sinarline/similar

43 Writing pad imported, A5, Sinarline/

Note – Offered unit prices should include transportation/delivery costs.


1. Bidders should attach the following in their bid document:

1.1 Copies of renewed relevant business license, TIN and VAT Registration certificates
1.2 Documents showing proof of their good reputation working with other international
NGOs and similar organizations doing similar type of tasks.
1.3 Recommendation letters from 3 references.

2. Bidders should be willing to give their service under the following conditions:
a. To accept a credit basis payment condition.
b. To provide the services for duration of the contract from the date of signing with the offered prices.
c. To provide legal receipt upon payment.

Selection Criteria:

The bid will be evaluated not necessary on the basis of lowest price alone but EDT will award the contract on the basis of value for money, quality, compliance and delivery. The experience of the tenderer in the performance of similar contracts will also be criteria for selection.

NB; Offer must be submitted in Two envelop; Technical and Financial Separately

Bid documents should be submitted on or before August 31, 2022 4:00PM.

Before the closing date and time, bidders should prepare their offer in a sealed envelope and submit to EDT Office located at Meskel Flower, building next to Dreamliner hotel, 5th floor.

Education Development Trust (EDT) reserves the right to reject all or part of the bids
For further information vendors can contact us:
Phone: +251114702596 or