EHSAN Trading PLC is seeking a software development and solutions firm to develop and install Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


  • Category : Software purch. & Dev. Service
  • Posted Date : 01/16/2023
  • Phone Number : 0115577363
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 01/27/2023




ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: EHSAN Trading PLC, a private company engaged in import and export Business and Real Estate development in Ethiopia, is seeking a software development and solutions firm to develop and install Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Interested firms are hereby invited to submit their Expressions of Interest for the purpose of developing ERP.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: When submitting expression of an interest, the ICT firm should take into consideration of the following general profile demands and requirements:

  • Details of experience with similar assignments in development and installation of ERP, including their locations, alternatively, references and CVs of key experts available to work on the assignment who are qualified from a reputable university with a  Degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or other related professional qualifications
  • The firm should have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in the industry with demonstrated experience and expertise in developing business software solutions
  • Extensive knowledge and an understanding of development and configuration of similar ICT solutions
  • Interested Bidders Shall provide evidences such as renewed Trade Licensee for 2015 budget year, TIN Number , Vat Registration certificate, Tax clearance certificate that certify bidder is eligible to participate in any public tender.

The above information should not exceed 10 pages, excluding CVs


The aim is to deploy an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that will assist in automating and digitalizing Import, export, Logistics, Marketing, sales, Procurement, HR and administration, Finance and Engineering departments complying with the requirements of the project targets. The ERP system must be scalable to allow additional modules and must interface with other information systems. The system is expected to be more user friendly with accessibility through mobile applications via iOS and android.

The aim is to deploy an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that will assist in automating most of EHSAN Trading PLC processes as follows:

  • The ERP solution should manage major processes that include operations with Integrated Performance Management Information System (PMIS), Administration management, and Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS), logistics, procurement, property management, Engineering and Construction Management and improved marketing tactics to get quality outcomes, there aren’t any pointless disputes or concerns with clients or customers, Managing subscriptions and sales.
  • Establish and maintain a robust Database Monitoring System that enables real-time data and statistics for a timely decision, More accurate demand, revenue, and profitability forecasting, Better communication throughout the firm Increased communication between all company departments, Increased output from staff, policymaking, monitoring, and project implementation for the project related activities and service delivery, Full-cycle content management, Faster and more decisive decision-making with better access to data
  • Strengthen the monitoring capacity of the organization based on different projects for proper decision-making support to top managers.
  • Establish and maintain online marketing and sales of company procedures and services.
  • Build a sound networking system, data collection mechanism, workflow system, monitoring, and reporting mechanism between different departments, branches and Offices.
  • Data insights & analytics, Enhanced client experience, Improved financial and accounting management

THE ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: the establishment of a short list and the selection procedure shall be in conformity with the Board of Directors of EHSAN Trading PLC. Please note that interest expressed by an ICT Firm does not imply any obligation on the part of the PLC to include it in the shortlist. Interested ICT Firms may obtain the Term of Reference (ToR) for the assignment and further information at the address below during working hours.

Expressions of Interest with technical and financial proposals must be received to our head office located at Lideta, Geja sefer, EHSAN Building 4th floor. For any details, call to 0115577363 or 0948054164 E-mail:[email protected] For additional information please visit www.http// no later than Friday January 27, 2023 Next steps: A short list of up to six qualified and experienced ICT firms will be made from responses of this notification from which the highest-ranked   ICT firm will be selected.