Elihiru Building contractor PLC office now invites interested eligible bidders For the following services


  • Category : Construction Service & Maintenance
  • Posted Date : 02/06/2023
  • Closing Date : 02/17/2023
  • Phone Number : 0118352924
  • Source : Reporter



Procurement Reference Number: Elh-Labor-Bid-01-2015

Elihiru Building contractor PLC office now invites interested eligible bidders to submit sealed bids as; 

  1. 1. For all finishing works (Cement plastering Floor finishing, wall ceramic, painting, all Sanitary installation, all Electrical installation, water proof application, stair Trade and Riser, Window sill and Door Threshold) except (Gypsum works as mentioned below) providing labor and necessary equipment, and

For finishing works (Gypsum plastering and other gypsum works) providing material, labor and necessary equipment. Of the two projects named Mekanisa Real Estate Mockup project located around Mekanisa Germen square and Apartment-1 G+6 Building project located at Lebu Musika sefer.

2.The total period of construction including the required mobilization time is Three (3) Months for Mockup project and Eight (8) Months for Apartment-1 G+6 Building projects.

3.Interested eligible bidders have to be submit the following legal document evidences renewed for the bidding period (2015E.C):

  • A certificate of competency fromAddis Ababa Construction Bureau or Ministry of Federal Construction with Category; BC-4/GC-4 and above
  • Trading /Business License and Commercial Registration Certificate from authorized bodies.
  • VAT & Tax payer Identification Certificate issued by the tax authority,
  • Tax Clearance certificate issued from the Tax Authority (Inland Revenue Authority) which allows the bidder to participate in public tenders at the date of the deadline for bid submission.
  • Evidence of being registered at Ethiopian Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency (FPPA) Supplier list currently.

4.Interested eligible bidders may purchase a complete set of the bidding document up on submission of a written application to the address given below with a non- refundable fee of ETB 1,500.00 (One Thousand Five Hundred Birr only) by paying in cash during  10 continuous working days from the date advertised by REPORTER NEWS PAPER, up to closing the next 11th  day of  working days at 4:30 Local Time and will be Opened at the same day at 5:00 Local Time at the address below in presence of eligible bidders representatives /Bidding committee members who choose to attend.

Elihiru Building contractor PLC office


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