Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) is looking for a qualified, experienced and interested bidder to construct modification works


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  • Posted Date : 11/09/2022
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  • Closing Date : 11/18/2022


Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) Accessibility Modification Construction Works for Sherero (Debretsige) town of Oromia Region

Posted Date: 9 November 2022

Deadline: 18 November 2022




Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) is an Ethiopian Development Organization established in 2005 and reregistered at Agency for Civil Society Organizations as Ethiopian   Development   Civil   Society   Organization   with   Certificate   №   0321   under   the Proclamation № 1113/2019. ECDD is working with other organizations to promote and facilitate the inclusion of persons with disabilities and disability issues in mainstream service delivery and development programs envisioning an Inclusive Ethiopia where persons with disabilities exercise the same rights and have access to the same services and opportunities enjoyed by other citizens.

ECDD has been implementing a project funded by The Davide and Lucile Packard Foundation to access and use of Disability Inclusive Sexual and Reproductive Health (DI SRH) services and Rights among Adolescent and Youth with Disabilities in several town of Ethiopia where Sherero (Debretsige) town. Sherero Health center in Sherero town is one of the targeted health centers to the project accessibility works.

As part of the project, ECDD seeks to conduct accessibility modification construction work for Sherero health center located in Sherero (Debretsige) town of Oromia Region. Thus, ECDD is looking for a qualified, experienced and interested bidder to construct modification construction work in the aforementioned public institution. The following are the requirements:

  1. Contractors Licensed in GC/BC Grade 7 and above are eligible to participate in the BID. The License should be Valid for the Year 2015 Ethiopian Calendar.
  1. Bid documents will be filled, including technical documents with all necessary information, and returned to the ECDD Head Office.
  2. A Contractor  who  is  undertaking  a  construction  project  for  the  Ethiopian  Center  for Disability and Development (ECDD) with a performance/progress of less than 80% is not eligible for this bid.
  3. The bidder shall seal the original and copy of the bid in separate envelopes, duly marking the envelopes as “ORIGINAL” and “COPY” as appropriate, and forward both to the Employer. Each original and copy document should have financial and technical in a separate sealed envelope and each sealed document should be enveloped in a sealed master envelope marked Original and Copy separately and both documents enclosed in one single envelope.
  4. The bidder presents the bank advice with a copy of renewed trade license, Tax Clearance Certificate, and VAT Registration Certificate.
  1. The bid document can be accessed from the website, or ECDD Headquarter located in Addis Ababa City during office hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM)
  2. ECDD will open the BID in in the presence of bidders. The bid opening date will be notified to all bidders via telephone.
  3. ECDD reserves the right to accept or reject any of the Bid and to reject all Bids at any time prior to the award of the contract.
  4. Bidders  may   obtain  further   information   from   Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development(ECDD), Addis Ababa.  Meskel Flower Road, behind dream liner hotel; P.O. Box- 1530 Code 1250, Tel. +251-11-4165859; Fax: +251-11-4165849; E-mail: info@ecdd-, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

All  applicant  can  find  the  attached  BOQ  and  Tender  Document  from  Ethiojobs  Website

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ADDRESS:  Meskel Flower Road, behind dream liner hotel; P.O. Box- 1530 Code 1250, Tel.

+251-11-4165859;   Fax:   +251-11-4165849;   E-mail:,   Addis   Ababa, Ethiopia