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  • Posted Date : 09/08/2021
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  • Closing Date : 09/20/2021


Request for Expression of Interest

 To conduct socio-economic assessment in Bale ecoregion and Guji Borana-landscape intervention woredas of the upcoming Forest Sustainable Development programme.

Farm Africa is an international charitable organization whose goal is to reduce poverty by enabling marginal African smallholder farmers and pastoralists to make sustainable improvements to their wellbeing through more effective management of natural resources. Farm Africa works in partnership with communities, government, local and international organizations, and the private sector to innovate, learn and share best practices for maximum impact of our projects. Farm Africa currently works in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and DRC. Our programs vary hugely, ranging from helping crops farmers to boost harvests, livestock keepers to improve animal health, and forest coffee growers to reach export markets, but core to all of them is a focus on the financial sustainability of the farmers’ businesses and environmental sustainability. We are increasingly designing and implementing complex and integrated multi-sector projects, some by ourselves and others through like-minded consortiums. Currently we are developing programme with SOS Sahel Ethiopia that will contribute to the sustainable forest biodiversity and ecosystem functions in the Bale Ecoregion and Guji Borana landscape that and also contributes to the implementation of the CRGE strategy of Ethiopia. The specific objective of the programme is to improve conservation of natural forest resources, biodiversity, and ecosystem services and increase livelihoods opportunities and household incomes in the Bale eco-region and Guji-Borana landscape


The potential upcoming forest sustainable development (FSD) programme will targets forest dependent communities, primary agents of deforestation and forest degradation, formally recognized custodians of forest resources through the PFM approach. They are currently organized into 115 participatory forest management cooperatives (PFMCs) in 16 woredas of Bale and West Arsi zones and 27 PFMCs in 4 woredas of Guji-Borana zones. The programme will also target other communities living far from forests but deliver their livelihood from forest-based resources with their behaviors greatly contributing to the pressure on natural resources (forest and its biodiversity.

This call is for assessing socio-economic characteristic of the selected four priority watershed areas in the Bale ecoregion and Guji-Borana landscape forest sustainable development programme intervention woredas. The aim of the assessment is to understand:

  • How socio-economic characteristics of the local communities can affect watershed development or can be affected by watershed characteristics and vis-versa
  • To integrate watershed development activities with socio-economic development of the local communities
  • To show the link between socio-economic activities with the watershed development plan and its implementation,

Qualifications and Required Competencies of Consultant:

  • Applications from individuals or teams are welcome and will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate the following qualifications and competencies:
  • Proven track record conducting different studies particularly studies conducted by non-governmental organization for development projects in the area of watershed management and pastoral setting assessments and bassline survey development.
  • Extensive experience in conducting literature reviews and qualitative research including familiarity with participatory research methods.
  • Sound knowledge and acquaintance of forest management, forestry and REDD+ policy frameworks in Ethiopia.
  • Strong conceptual and methodological understanding of participatory forest management, watershed development approaches and REDD+ mechanism.
  • The lead researcher should possess an MSc degree or above in either Forestry, Rural Development or any other relevant disciplines.
  • Demonstrable academic and practical experience in qualitative and quantitative research methodology.
  • Strong analytical, facilitation and communication skills.

Deadline and Submission of Documents:

  • Interested bidders should collect the TOR document from our office or may also request via starting from bid advertising day.
  • Bidders should submit their CVs and technical & financial proposals to our bidding email ONLY on or before 20,September, 2021, – CoB. Proposals submitted via other means or by unqualified bidders; and those arriving later than the final submission date and time shall be rejected without further notice;
  • Farm Africa for this task reserve the right to accept or reject any or all the proposals;
  • For all technical and related clarification, please request via
  • Any Request for clarifications/enquiries can be forwarded to or using the following address:

Farm Africa Ethiopia Office Ethio Ceramic Bldg. 5th floor, Gurd shola, Tel. 011 557 3317, Fax- 011 557 3332.