FHI 360 Ethiopia Country Office invites request for proposals from eligible Security Service provider



  • Category : Security & Protection Equipment Guarding
  • Posted Date : 04/22/2021
  • E-mail : EthiopiaCO.purchase@fhi360.org
  • Phone Number : 0114664694
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 05/04/2021



FHI 360



Family Health International (FHI 360) is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions in more than 70 countries worldwide, including Ethiopia. Our staff includes experts in health, education, nutrition, environmental, economic development, civil society, gender equality, youth, research and technology, creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today’s interrelated development challenges.

FHI 360 Ethiopia Country Office therefore invites request for proposals (RFPs) from eligible Security Service provider with valid and renewed licenses for the current fiscal year for provision of security services.


Location of security service will be in: TIGRAY REGION: MEKELLE, ADIGRAT, AND AXUM

Required information on RFP – Documents / information that MUST be provided by company:



• Name of Company, Address, Telephone Number, Website

or email address, Name of the principal owner/manager

• Full address of the company

• Renewed business license for 2013Eth. calendar

• Three recommendation letters from other clients for services rendered in the past 2 years

• VAT & TIN registration certificate

**Please Note that company who doesn’t fulfill these requirements will be subjected to disqualification even after a successful selection process leading to signing of contracts

• Provide security service 7 days, 24-hours at all sites: Mekelle Office (6),Mekelle Guesthouse (3), Adigrat Office (6), Axum Office (6)

• Minimum of 2 guards must be on duty at all times

• Insurance coverage

• Security Guards can work a maximum of eight hour shifts up to six days per week.

•Guards must have a reliable means of communication with their supervisor.

•A supervisor must come to the premise at least once every shift.

•Established record keeping system and collection/returning of ID for visitors, for all sites.

•Provide monthly security report to FHI 360 – Ethiopia, Mekelle Office. The report should include a log of any incidences, the date of incident, who it was reported to, a summary of what occurred, and the outcome

Required Security Service

A total of 21 security personnel will be required as per the below breakdown:

•    Mekelle Office: 6 security personnel

•    Mekelle Guesthouse: 3 security personnel

•    Adigrat Office: 6 security personnel

•    Axum Office: 6 security personnel


1.    Background statement of corporate history, nature of ownership information

2.    Corporate Qualification Statement/Company Profile including the relevant experience and background of your company and staff

• Provide a table with the list of organizations the bidder provided security service for, dates and duration of service

3.    Your company’s approach to fulfilling the requirements of the security service specifications including:

• The company’s quick reaction force i.e. who will respond to an emergency, how long will it take, insurance coverage

• The training processes all security guards must go through

• Minimum education requirements of security guards company deploy

4.    Three (3) business references for which you have provided similar services in the past 2 years – provide contact name, address, and brief description of the service provided

5.    Complete price proposal based on the technical specifications

• Pricing should be provided in Birr and detailed (cost per security personal per month). A complete schedule of charges and/or costs that might be incurred must be identified in your RFP response. Pricing proposals must remain valid for a period not less than one year from date of submission.

• Any taxes or other indirect costs should clearly be listed as separate line items in the quote.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for awarding contracts resulting from this tender is based on the ‘best value’ principle. For the purpose of this tender, FHI 360 defines ‘best value’ as: “Best value should not be equated with the lowest initial bid option. It requires an integrated assessment of technical, organizational and pricing factors in light of their relative importance (i.e. reliability, quality, experiences, reputation, past performance, cost/fee realism, delivery time, reasonableness, need for standardization, and other criteria depending on the item to be procured’’.

Proposal will be evaluated on the following criteria to determine whether they are acceptable or not acceptable


Evaluation Criteria






•    Years of Experience in Security Services.

•    Staff experience in security service management.

•    Types of organizations/companies security service provided for


Mekelle branch

The company has an office in Mekelle


Proposed Approach

Refers to emergency response mechanism, trainings for security personnel, communication

modality, supervision approach proposed, insurance coverage.


Past Experience

Refers to Bidders ability to demonstrate relevant experience and technical knowledge of the security service required. Bidder to provide at least 3 references.


Financial Proposal

Best offer (Lowest Price gets 30%)


The Financial Evaluation will be based on the ‘lowest responsive bid’ taking into consideration other factors as indicated in the evaluation criteria listed above.


1.    RFP shall not exceed 10-pages, excluding supporting documents, which shall be provided as an annex to the main RFP.

2.     Each bid must be submitted in hard copies in sealed envelopes – one sealed envelope for the technical & a second sealed envelope for the financial proposal. Label each envelop as:

CONFIDENTIAL: SECURITY SERVICES – MASTER LEVEL AGREEMNT and may be dropped off at: Family Health International(FHI360)- Ethiopia , Gabon Road, Kirkos Sub City, Meskel Flower Area, Kebele-02, House N0.193, P.O Box: 121789, Addis Ababa,

Tel+251(0) 114664694 , Fax: +251(0) 114 668145.

3.    Bid submission date is 10 days after the Announcement of this tender, no later than 4:00 PM in the afternoon.

4.     We will not be responsible for errors or omissions in your proposal. You will be permitted to submit only one proposal. You may not revise submitted proposals after the proposal deadline.

5.    FHI360 reserves the right to select service provider(s) viewed most suitable.

6.    FHI360 reserves the right to reject all or part of the tender. FHI360 reserves the right to select more than one service provider, and /or select only part of a candidate’s bid.

7.    The present tender request is not an order and does not engage FHI360 on any Legal or ground or financial commitment.

8.     We further reserve the right to waive minor deficiencies in a proposal and allow the offeror the opportunity to correct such deficiencies in the interest of promoting competition towards receiving the best value for money for our funder, does NOT constitute acceptance or assurance that a proposal will be positively reviewed, accepted or in any way obligate the requesting organization to continue to consider a proposal once the corrections are received and reviewed.

9.    Offerors may withdraw their proposal without prejudice from consideration at any time prior to the awarding of the contract by

contacting:  EthiopiaCO.purchase@fhi360.org