French Development Agency (AFD) Terms of Reference (TOR) For the Selection of a Service Provider Company for outsourcing a Driver position.


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  • Posted Date : 03/18/2021
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Invitation to Bid

Terms of Reference (TOR)

For the Selection of a Service Provider Company for outsourcing a Driver position


  1. Introduction


French Development Agency (AFD) is a Specialized Financial Institution and Principal operator of French Government’s aid policy.

AFD, which is the French bilateral donor agency (Public Development Finance Institution has spent more than 70 years working experience to alleviate poverty and support economic development in more than 90 developing emerging countries and France’s overseas territories).

In 2019, AFD authorizes more than 14 billions of Euros for funding projects world widely.

AFD established in Ethiopia in 1993 (International Calendar). AFD commitments (grants, guarantees and soft loans to the Government or Public Utilities) in Ethiopia are focused on infrastructures for urban development (Water and Sanitation, Solid waste management, transportation and city panning), energy, economic reforms, support to SMEs, heritage and agriculture.




The purpose of this Bid is for the AFD (Agence Française de Développement) to outsource the driving services of its country office in Ethiopia to an external service provider.

AFD intends to select one service provider company who has the capacities to provide skilled and experienced professional driver to drive AFD vehicles.


Responsibilities  of the service Provider Company


  1. Legal authorization from the Ethiopian Government to exercise as a professional.
  2. For the Service Provider Company/firm to be able to sign a contract with AFD, the company’s business license should be valid for the current year of 2021 or for the Ethiopian Calender year of 2013.
  3. The Service provider Company should be an entity who has already implemented an anti- Money Laundry, anti-bribery, anti-corruption, quality of health safety environment and code of conducts;
  4. The assigned Driver to AFD shall be employee of the service provider company and the entire responsibility of its rights and obligations shall remain with the company;
  5. The Service Provider Company and the Driver are solely responsible for all taxation or other payments to the Government.  AFD will not in any ways be responsible for any kind of taxes related to the Driver such as income tax, pension etc.;
  6. The company/firm should have an established procedure for disciplinary measures;
  7. The Service Provider Company should have sufficient staff members to replace an absent Driver for a sick leave, holiday leave or other reasons with an equally qualified staff;
  8. A medical report of the Driver should be submitted during recruitment or for replacement and periodically every year in order to prove that the driver is fit to work;
  9. Health insurance scheme should be provided and maintained by the service provider company for all assigned Drivers;
  10. The Service provider Company will be responsible for maintaining a standard accidental death and disability insurance policy (GPA) for the Driver assigned to AFD;
  11. The Service provider Company shall implement an Overtime monitoring system and manage it to supervise the duties of the Driver assigned to AFD;
  12. Field trips out of Addis Ababa (over 50km) are considered as activities related to the mission. These activities generate a payment of a per diem. The Service Provider Company shall implement a specific monitoring system for mission related activities and manage it to supervise the duties of the Driver assigned to AFD. This system should also respect the Ethiopian Labour Law;
  13. The Service Provider shall provide to the Driver a cellular phone with sim card and AFD will provide monthly 500 ETB amount mobile cards benefit so that he/ she can maintain regular communication with AFD staff members.


Criteria of selection of the Driver.


The selected Service Provider company will be responsible for short list drivers following the criteria mentioned below:


  1. The Driver must have valid professional Driving license issued by the Roads and Transport Authority;
  2. Certificates of 12 grade or 10 plus two complete is mandatory;
  3. Minimum 3 years of professional driving experience with any national/international organizations; international organizations experience is expected;
  4. He/She should be physically and mentally fit to perform Driving tasks and should bring Medical Certificate from any legal health institution.
  5. The Driver that the Service Provider Company recruits should be able to communicate effectively in English and Amharic; French speakers will be more advantageous;
  6. Depending on the necessity of AFD’s activities, there might be some overtime work very early in the morning or late at night. The Driver should be someone who is willing to undertake those overtime activities;
  7. Depending on the necessity of AFD activities, there might be some field trips so the Driver should be someone who is willing to undertake field trips outside of Addis Ababa in different parts of Ethiopian territories, but not out of Ethiopia. The payment of per diem will be accordingly to the system implemented by The Service Provider on activities related to missions.


Responsibilities of the Driver


The assigned Driver will perform the following activities:

  1. Pickup and drop off AFD Staff, mission members from head office and its different Guests, from or to the airport;
  2. Drive AFD staff to different meeting places in Government and Non-Government offices;
  3.  Collect and deliver mails, documents and other items as per office requirements;
  4. Perform proper checking of AFD vehicles on a daily basis and ensure the proper cleaning of the vehicle;
  5. Report immediately to the concerned AFD administration office and local police station, if there is any accident that has occurred;
  6.  Perform any other related works or duties assigned by the relevant AFD officer.




The submission of the proposal shall consist of two parts: The Technical and the Financial bid.

The Technical bid containing the technical specifications for the services and the financial bid containing price information. They shall be submitted separately in two different envelopes.


Contents of the technical proposal:


 1.1 Legal documents of the company:

 1.2 Profile of the company including length of experiences (at least 5 years),

 1.3 Experiences with International agencies if any, office address, contact persons etc.;

1.4   Organizational structure including list of active staff/employees;

1.5 Description of the planned accidental death and disability insurance policy (GPA) including detail description of the coverage;

1.6 Description of the planned medical insurance policy including detail description of the coverage;

1.7 Description of corporate social responsibility: adapted anti- Money Laundry, anti-bribery, anti-corruption, quality of health safety environment and code of conducts and etc.;

1.8 Procedure for disciplinary measures;

1.9 Service quality monitoring: safety training, supervision…


Contents of the Financial offer:


2.1 Detailed cost breakdown: overall monthly or yearly costs, including in particular salary (gross and net) of the Driver, administrative expenses and other expenses;

2.2 Over time rate according to Ethiopian Labor Law Proclamation   No 1156/2019;

2.3 Mission per diem rate and monitoring system.


The Service Provider should also submit a short-list of 3 to 5 drivers in order for AFD to select the best qualified candidate.




If you are qualified and interested to participate on the bid, please submit the technical and financial offer, including your contact information to the below address of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) office gate in hard and soft copy .




Bole Sub city, wereda 03,

BL_03_632 street, House B118_33

Near to RAMADA HOTEL infront of Werba Guest house

Tel   +251 11 6 392995 /    +251 11 1 6 392902


Closing date for submission of Technical and Financial Proposal: March 31st, 2021 at 5:00 pm (ECT + 1 time)


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