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  • Posted Date : 09/15/2022
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  • Closing Date : 09/18/2022


Request for National Consultancy Services: Production of Video Documentary and Facilitating Best Practice Events on Impacts of Climate Change  

  1. Background:

Based in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a treaty-based international, inter-governmental organization that supports developing country governments transition to a model of economic growth that is environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. GGGI delivers programs for more than 40 Members and partners – in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Pacific – with technical support, capacity building, policy planning and implementation, and by helping to build a pipeline of bankable green investment projects.

GGGI-Ethiopia commenced its operation in the country in 2012 and exhibited notable contributions in the development of the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Strategy. It has also significantly contributed to the establishment and operationalization of the CRGE Facility under the Ministry of Finance.

GGGI Ethiopia’s interventions cover key thematic sectors including waste management, solar energy, sustainable transport, green building and industry, climate-smart agriculture, sustainable forest management, (sustainable) landscapes restoration, gender, and inclusive development.

The National Adaptation Planning– Green Climate Fund (NAP-GCF) Readiness is one of the flagship projects of GGGI-Ethiopia. NAP-GCF Readiness is a three-year project spanning from 2021 to J 2024.  GCF is the financing source for the project. The GCF is set to become a main international financial institution for the delivery of climate finance in support of mitigation and adaptation activities in developing countries. The GCF is governed and supervised by a Board that has full responsibility for funding decisions. The GCF supports projects, programmes, policies and other activities in all developing countries that are parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Funding through the GCF includes readiness program supports. The Programme provides resources for strengthening the institutional capacities of National Designated Authorities (NDAs) or focal points and Direct Access Entities to efficiently engage with the Fund. The GGGI as delivery partner has accessed a GCF readiness support to build the institutional capacity of Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

The NAP GCF Readiness project is designed to bridge gaps identified for the successful implementation of Ethiopia National Adaptation Plan(NAP-ETH). Weak institutional capacity to scrutinize adaptation governance and weak capacity for adaptation knowledge management, weak integration of adaptation actions to broader national plan, no or limited resource mobilization strategy and absence of comprehensive M&E system for the implementation and governance of adaptation initiatives are the major gaps that the project intended to complement.  Furthermore, the project supports key NAP-ETH sectors to improve their capacities to adopt robust strategy for resource mobilization and prepare bankable adaptation projects together with strengthening capacities for implementing comprehensive M&E system that leads to improved program effectiveness, and ultimately enhance the overall adaptation governance. The project has six components,  of which components two and three mainly focus on climate information sharing and adaptation knowledge management

The project, in collaboration with the EPA, has so far conducted different tasks including enhancing coordination mechanisms, knowledge management activities, developing bankable concept notes  and improving  M&E system in the implementation of NAP-ETH. In the coming project life, it will continue delivering the remaining activities. Particularly under Outcome Three, the Project will engage in producing, printing and dissemination of knowledge products, organizing events to share learnings, awarding climate champions based on endorsed  selection criteria at the national level and the other knowledge and information sharing interventions  .

It is against this backdrops that the NAP-GCF Readiness Project is now desirous of hiring a Consulting Firm that can deliver the above-mentioned knowledge management and communication project activities to promote informed climate actions and decisions by all the concerned authorities. The knowledge products will also serve the purposes of creating public awareness on the causes of climate change and its adverse impacts.

  1. The Objective of this Assignment

The ultimate objectives of  this Assignment are thus  to seek consultancy services that  will  enable to facilitate best practice events on which government projects/programs, partners, private sector showcase their innovative practices, track records and exemplary achievements which are worth replicating. The hired Consulting Firm will organize panel discussions (exhibitions), produces documentary video on impacts of climate change that will be broadcasted on TV/preferably EBC. Moreover, the local Firm is expected to produce best practice documents on at least three (3)  thematic topics and publish in a booklet format.  Furthermore, a Climate Champion Contest will be run by the Firm in collaboration with other government institutions and the winners will be awarded on one of the events.

  1. Scope of Work

Under the direct supervision of the NAP_GCF’s Readiness Project’s Capacity Building and KM Officer ,  the successful Consultancy Firm will be required to efficiently undertake the  following assignments:

3.1 Organize Exhibition/Bazaar – All activities under this category will be managed  by the Firm, which includes, among others,  writing invitation letter, decide the location (venue), decor the exhibition booth, organize the opening and closing remarks, leverage promotional (marketing tasks), cover logistic related cost , make monitoring and take corrective actions in time, and record the proceedings of the Event.

3.2  Organize Climate Championship Contest : One of the activities under the Assignment is to organize a competition platform for recognizing five ‘climate champions’ considering community, experts, other non-governmental and private sector actors engaged in the different adaptation-focused programs/options. The Firm will run the contest taking advantage of the established governmental structure of EPA, and the awardees will be selected based on the criteria endorsed by the project steering committee. GGGI will provide an approved selection criteria and may also assign juries. It shall also conduct quality assurance-related activity.

3.3 Best Practices Assessment and Publications: The Firm shall assess, capture, and compile good practices in English language on at least three (3) thematic climate change topics focusing on related research, policy brief and other pertinent subjects through compiling the knowledge products from the NAP-ETH key sector ministries/agencies/authorities.  GGGI will provide a standard template & checklist and shall check the quality of the best practice documents to be produced.  Finally, the Firm shall submit the soft copies and 200 color printed copies using 80mm, A4 size paper.

3.4 Documentary Video on Impacts of Climate Change: A video documentary that takes 25-30 minutes shall be produced by the Firm using the latest audio-visual equipment, in English language, on the impacts of climate change on rural households, particularly in the pastoralist communities-making use of the film footages and other related knowledge products from the CRGE facility/ Ministry of Finance and Development. Apart from the longer (25-30 minutes) video, the Firm is expected to extract a shorter version of the video (Max. a 5 minute) appropriate for on-line posting. The longer version of the documentary will be prepared with Amharic narration and English subtitles while the shorter version of the documentary will be prepared with English narration only and Amharic subtitles. In addition to production, the Firm is responsible for developing at least 2 (two) TV spots- each covering 30 seconds and broadcasting preferably through EBC. Furthermore, the Firm will produce a minimum of 10 (ten) radio/audio spots -each covering three (3) minutes. The Winning Firm will cover all the production and broadcasting cost for both the TV and audio/radio spots.

  1. Expected Output /Deliverables

The consultancy Firm  thus is expected to produce seven deliverables. These include:

  • Inception Report and Outline: The consulting Firm should produce the inception report of not more than 10 pages and outline within 15 working days after the signing of the contract.
  • Video documentary and audio spots produced and broadcasted: To be delivered within two -months (60 days) after the inception report cleared. The hard and soft copies of both the long and short versions of the video clips, as well as the audio spots shall be submitted.  A 25-30 Minute Documentary video, Max-5 minute short-versioned video, 2 TV spots and 10 audio/radio spots are parts of the deliverables.
  • Organize exhibition: This should be organized within 60 days after the submission of the inception report (70-80 exhibitors, stays for 5 days and visited by more than 25,000 people).
  • Organize panel discussion: Organize a panel discussion comprising (3 sessions, 3 discussants, 9 panelists and 40-50 audience), and seek media coverage including EBC.
  • Produce and publish best practice documents (Minimum 3 thematic topics)-200 color-printed copies and soft copy version.
  • Run competition and award climate champions.
  • One monitoring/summative (project completion) report.
  1. Contractual Arrangements
  • The Consulting Firm is expected to spend a minimum of 80% of the consultancy time, and work in close collaboration with the GGGI project team with frequent meetings.
  • The Firm will organize transportation, accommodation and DSA expenses while travelling to the field, if needed.
  • NAP GCF Readiness Project/ GGGI will create access to relevant information necessary for execution of the tasks under this Assignment.
  • NAP- GCF Readiness Project /GGGI effects consultancy fee payments in accordance with the contract agreement to be signed.
  1. Selection Criteria
  • Applicants will be assessed against their capacity, past performance, and technical and financial proposals to carry out the assignment.
  • The technical proposal will be weighed at 70% and the financial 30%. Only applications scoring higher than 60% on the technical proposal will be considered for the financial proposal.

7.     Application Procedures

Interested and competent Firms/Applicants are expected to submit both Technical and Financial Proposal In GGGI procurement portal via the below link

     7.1 The Technical Proposal

The technical proposal should consist of a maximum of 15 pages (excluding annexes) and contain the following:

  • A one-page “Letter of Interest”, summarizing why the Contractor considers itself suitable for the Assignment.
  • Proposed methodology /approach for delivering the Assignment
  • CVs of key technical personnel (crew) proposed for this assignment, highlighting their qualifications and experiences of similar work: The details of the CVs shall include: Team Leader, Audio-Visual/ Multimedia Specialist (3x), Exhibits officer (3X) and Communication specialist (3X), etc.
  • Proposed activities schedule/indicative work plan with time frame.
  • Overview of the Firm/company competencies-organizational profile
  • A minimum of three written testimonials/references from recent clients, including contact details of referees, for whom the Contractor delivered similar assignments.
  • A minimum of three samples of previous work delivered by the Contractor-particularly for Documentary video production. Samples should be ready in soft copies (CD-R, Memory Sticks) as it might be requested during the technical evaluation phase
  • Roles and shared responsibilities of the Firm team members
  • Legal licenses (TIN, VAT, renewed Trade Registration and Consultancy Licenses), and the Contractor’s full physical and postal addresses, telephone numbers and email address.

7.2 The Financial Proposal

The Contractor’s financial offer for completion of the assignment, including a breakdown of all fees and expenses (unit costs , number of units, total budget, any applicable tax, ) including all expenses related to field visits  and (not more than 1 page).

Please note that:

  • Failure to submit all of the documentation requested above may lead to the bidder’s proposal being excluded.
  • GGGI will not bear any responsibility for any costs incurred by applicants in preparing and submitting bids for this tender
  • Any interested consultancy firms may obtain the full Terms of Reference (ToR) at indicated link (i.e


The deadline for submission of the technical and financial proposals is September 18,2022 COB.