Industrial Parks Development Corporation is seeking business partners from qualified domestic and international companies



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  • Posted Date : 07/16/2021
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Invitation Title: Development of Land for Commercial and Business use in Four Different Parks

As it is provided under Article 5/7 of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) Council of Ministers Regulation no 326/2014, in addition to the core businesses legally bestowed to it, the IPDC can engage in any other related activities necessary for the attainment of its purposes. Furthermore, under article 13 of the Ethiopian Investment Board’s Industrial Parks Directive no. 06/2017, a non-manufacturing enterprise or person who has secured a business or professional license from a relevant investment organ may operate in an Industrial Park in the sector that is permitted to it.

Hence, the Industrial Parks Development Corporation is seeking business partners from qualified domestic and international companies for opportunities to develop plots of land within Industrial Parks developed by the Corporation, four different Parks with a total plot area of 26.2 hectares (5.2 hectares in ICT Park, 10 hectares in Bole Lemi Industrial Park, 9.8 hectares in Kilinto Industrial Park and 1.1 hectares in Hawasa Industrial Park).

Because of the closer location of the Parks to Addis Ababa and Hawassa, concentration of thousands of labor force at a place and larger population in closer vicinities to the Parks, the Corporation considers these properties (“Sites”) an important site that offer unique business and commercial development opportunities. Currently, the sites are zoned by the corporation for commercial uses, huge potential for economic benefits and comprehensive service provision of the Industrial Parks. .  The business modality of the partnership could be Joint Investment, Leasing and/or sub-leasing for mixed use, commercial building including but not limited to Real Estate, Hotels, Malls and Entertainment Zones.

Objective of the Request for Expression of Interest

The main objective of the announcement is to invite potential business partners to engage in developing commercial and business areas, and cooperate with the Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) in long term business partnership and generate a socially responsible, economically viable and sustainable business development in the above specified areas and other parks. If interested partners come up with other business activities which are not prescribed above, the Corporation would consider the socio-economic benefits of the business activities proposed.

The scope of the Partnership:

The Partnership will consist of developing business and commercial building or complex inside the existing Industrial Parks exclusively in Bole Lemi, ICT Park, Hawassa and Kilinto. The partnership includes designing, building, operating and managing businesses on the developers’ interest and the projects economic impact.

The duration of the assignment will be determined and decided by the nature of the proposal.

The Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) now invites eligible partners to indicate their interest in developing a land for business and commercial use. Interested domestic and international companies must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the project. The information to be provided includes company detail, description of similar experience, description of core business and years in business, experience in similar conditions and availability of appropriate skills among staffs and managerial, financial and technical capabilities.

The following criteria will be used to assess the Expression of Interest for shortlisting:

  • Core business and years in business.
  • Relevant experience in similar assignment.
  • Technical & managerial capabilities.
  • Financial Resource and capability.

Proposal Questions:

To evaluate the alternatives and select the appropriate Developer, the Corporation is requesting development proposals that will help the Corporation finalize its vision and move ahead with property disposition and development. Proposals must respond to the following questions:

  • Description of the Developer’s proposed project: Size in hectare and/or square meter of building space, Type of use(s) planned (e.g. commercial or mixed-use combination) and Conceptual design 

Description of the Developer’s experience developing the proposed type of project elsewhere: Name and location of project(s), Description of project(s) and Completion date of project(s)

  • Explanation of the role the Developer’s organization will play in the proposed project and a list of other partners and their roles (if any). 

  • The proposed general timeframe for the development of the Developer’s proposed project. If multiple components or phases are planned, a list of all. 

  • Description of the benefit(s) your proposed project brings to the Industrial Parks.

The developer will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the IPDC’s Procurement Management Policy and Procedure Manual.

Interested Companies may obtain further information at the adders below Monday to Friday during office hours from 8:30am to 12:30am and 2:30pm to 5:00pm.

Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below at or before 14th of August, 2021, at 4:30 Pm in the afternoon. Late submissions shall be rejected.

The FDRE, Industrial Parks Development Corporation

Address: Kebena, In front of Kenya Embassy

Bishan Gari Building

Procurement and property Administration Directorate

2nd Floor, Tel: 011 661 6396

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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