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  • Posted Date : 01/09/2022
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  • Closing Date : 01/21/2022


Terms of Reference (TOR)

To select experienced Financial Service Provider (FSP) to implement cash transfer to Desert Locust affected beneficiaries in Kewet, Shewa Robit and Tarmaber woredas in N/Shewa Zone, Amhara Region.

  • Background

In 2020, desert locust (DL) caused significant damage to food crops in a number of woredas in Amhara Region.

IOCC with its consortium members have planned for a multi-sectoral response to Household (HHs) in the affected woredas in N.Shew Zone. One of the key activities of the project, IOCC planned to implement, is provision of a one-time cash transfer to the severely affected most vulnerable 614 households (HHs) by the DL.


The objective of this TOR is to select an experienced FSP (Bank or MFI) that can effectively handle emergency cash distribution to 614 DL affected target HHs in 6 kebeles of the three project woredas of North Shewa zone, namely: Tarmaber, Shewa Robit and Kewet.

  • Methods:

IOCC will closely work with relevant woreda government partners including Woreda office of Agriculture (WOA). The partners will select emergency cash beneficiaries based on predefined selection criteria. To get the cash distribution implemented, IOCC will select FSP, through a competitive process.

  • Tasks of the FSP:
    • Assign focal person to handle the cash distribution (documentation, reporting, etc.) to the client.
    • In discussion with IOCC staffs, decide on distribution modality, develop cash distribution time schedule,etc.
    • Prepare payment documents & effect payments at selected cash distribution points in each of the 6 target Kebeles; prepare reports on distribution status, challenges faced & solutions to be taken.
  • Time Schedule:

The cash provision/distribution will be implemented between January 30 – February 20, 2022.

  • Profile of the FSP:

We are looking for a Financial Service Provider (FSP)/Bank with good experience in cash distribution planning and implementation including through the use of cash distribution technologies.

The FSP is expected to bring to the program design process previous experiences.

Specifically, the FSP should have:

    • More than two years of proven experience on delivering cash distribution to disaster affected HHs
    • Good understanding of the rural context/working with rural community & community leaders
    • Contextual knowledge of Ethiopian Cash transfer programming for humanitarian response. Experience in the use of improved cash transfer technologies. Good communication skills with Client (project owner)
  • Reporting

The FSP will report/communicate with the IOCC Finance & Administration Manager in Addis Ababa who will facilitate, input and steer the process. The FSP will ensure the full cooperation with other stakeholders, as well, during the implementation of this assignment. The selected FSP will receive 30% upon signing the contract, then 70% after the completion of the whole cash distribution process and in submission of the final report.

  • Application Process

For applying for this service, the FSP must send us the following:

  • A technical proposal on how they will implement this assignment with the timeframe.
  • Letter of interest showing why they are the best to be considered for this assignment, including outlining key activities to be done. Examples of previous successful cash distributions implemented.
  • Financial proposal, detailing what’s included in the fee.

Please send the information requested above to the following address within ten consecutive days.

International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC), Cheshair BLDG  4th Floor, P.O.Box  81110 ,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Phone: +251-116-626939 or +251-116-626-943, E-mail:


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