Jhpiego Ethiopia would like to invite all interested local eligible vehicle rental service providers



  • Category : Vehicle Rent
  • Posted Date : 08/19/2022
  • E-mail : Abebu.Andargie@jhpiego.org
  • Phone Number : 00115536864
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 08/06/2022




Jhpiego is an international, nonprofit health organization affiliated with Johns Hopkins University. For more than 50 years, Jhpiego has empowered frontline health workers by designing and implementing effective, low-cost, hands-on solutions to strengthen the delivery of health care services for women and their families. By putting evidence-based health innovations into everyday practice, Jhpiego works to break down barriers to high-quality health care for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Jhpiego Ethiopia would like to invite all interested local eligible vehicle rental service providers, on an as needed basis, to provide one or more rental vehicles (with drivers). Type of vehicle rented will be appropriate to the needs of the particular trip. Therefore, the service providers are required to submit a full price list of all vehicles for the year 2022 and 2023.

Trips will usually be outside of Addis Ababa but occasionally, cars will be hired for use in Addis Ababa.

Interested bidders are required to fulfill the following minimum prequalification criteria


S/N Criteria


Willing to summit clear copies of renewed business license, TIN certificate , VAT registration certificate and current tax clearance certificate


Have a minimum of three years’ work experience with similar business and can submit type

of vehicles to be provided (including Make, Model and Manufactured Year)

3 Ability to provide the services on credit basis with expected settlement of bills monthly
4 Willing to submit valid rate for one years after signing of the contract
5 The rate will be the same in all regions including Addis Ababa.


  • Detailed bid document should be requested via e-mail address: Abebu.Andargie@jhpiego.org
  • The bid closing date would be on or before August 19, 2022 until 5: 30pm and bid would be submitted via E-mail:  ET-Procurement@jhpiego.org
  • INQUIRIES: Any questions regarding the bid shall be submitted in writing through the above email address. Unwritten questions and any verbal responses and/or comments will not be acceptable/binding.
  • Any document received after the closing date and time will be automatically rejected
  • Jhpiego Ethiopia reserves the right to cancel the bid, accept or reject any or all.


P.O.Box 2882 code 1250 Tel: +251-11 5536864/115-553686, Addis Ababa