Jhpiego intends to purchase Medical supplies and equipment including Point-of-care testing (POCT) Kits for the following quantity and specification.



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  • Posted Date : 09/01/2021
  • E-mail : ET-Procurement@jhpiego.org
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  • Closing Date : 09/08/2021



For the supply of Point- of –Care testing (POCT) Kits & PEEP

Issued on:                                                      September 1, 2021

Title:                                                                Point- Of –Care Testing (POCT Kits) & Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Quotation Deadline:                                   September 8, 2021

Estimated Period of Performance:           Prompt


Jhpiego is an international, nonprofit health organization affiliated with Johns Hopkins University. For more than 40 years, Jhpiego has empowered frontline health workers by designing and implementing effective, low-cost, hands-on solutions to strengthen the delivery of health care services for women and their families. By putting evidence-based health innovations into everyday practice, Jhpiego works to break down barriers to high-quality health care for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Bidders may obtain bidding documents during office hours starting from the first day of this notice on the newspaper sending  request through the email address  Abebu.Andargie@jhpiego.org


Jhpiego intends to purchase Medical supplies and equipment including Point-of-care testing (POCT) Kits for the following quantity and specification.


No. Item Description Unit Quantity



Urine dipstick

·    Each tub contains 50 test strips

·    10 test pads on each test stick

·    CE marked for self-testing

·    Identical product is supplied to NHS clinics and hospitals







2 Hemoglobin meter mission strip of 50 pcs per pack

Features:    Specifications Methodology:  Reflectance Photometry Detection Principle:      Methemoglobin Time to Results:            < 15 seconds

Memory:   1,000 tests with date/time and ID number

Specimen Volume:     10 µL

Specimen Type:    Capillary and Venous whole blood

Hb Measurement Range:     4.5-25.6 g/dL Hct Range:        13-75%

Pack 785
Wavelengths:   525 nm

PC Interface:    Mini USB Port

Calibration:      Automatic

Hb Within Run Prevision:          ≤ 3%

Hb Total Precision CV:  ≤ 3%

Accuracy:          Hb 4.5-10 g/dL, ± 0.4 g/dL; Hb 10-

25.6g/dL, ± 4%

Operating Conditions: 15-30 °C (59-86 °F); ≤85% RH

Meter Storage Conditions: 0-50 °C (32-122 °F); ≤90%


Strip Storage Conditions: 2-30 °C (36-86 °F); ≤85% RH

Strip Shelf Life:  2 years unopened canister; 3 months opened canister

Power Source: 3 AAA Batteries or AC Adaptor Battery Life: 2,700 tests or 360 hours Automatic Shut Off:     8 minutes

Line Leakage Current:  3 uA

Meter Dimensions: (L X W X H) 127 mm × 58 mm × 25 mm (5.0″ x 2.28″ x 0.09″)

LCD Dimensions:  (L X W) 39 mm × 37 mm (1.54″ x





































3 Rapid syphilis testing;

(Syphicheck-WB Pouch) (Whole blood) of 25pcs per pack

Pack 2288





Blood lancet

Description: blood lancet in packs, 100 – 500


Forked, brass, and Chrome plated

Stainless Steel made,

Pull, Twist and Safety Blood Lancet

Certificate: CE 0r ISO Size: 28G, 30G

Quality: Smooth tri-bevel point, and High degree of precision

Sterilized by Gamma radiation

Fits most standard lancing devices











5 Pregnancy test kit


A rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of human chorionic gonadotropin in urine to aid in the early detection of pregnancy.

Technical specifications:

Technology: chromatographic immunoassay

Format: strip Sample type: Urine Sample volume: Antibodies: Anti β-hCG

Test line: Anti α-hCG antibody

Control line: Goat polyclonal antibody

Sensitivity: 25 mIU/mL

Pack 581
Specificity: 100%

Time to result: 3 mins

Kit content:

1.Test Strips ,50

2.Instructions for use

Shelf life:

36 months from the date of manufacturing; do not use beyond its expiry date.

Storage and transportation:









6 Disposable glove ( 100pcs/pack) Box 1460

3. ELIGIBILITY AND QUALIFICATION CRITERIAThe bidder shall deliver the POCT Kits & PPEs in accordance with the specifications and terms and conditions of the bid document.

  • Bidders are required to attach Renewed License, Business Profile and List of Organizations they have served so far. Have a minimum of three years’ work experience with similar business and experience in working with international NGOs is desirable.
  • Good reputation of the firm and the personnel to perform the contract.
  • Ability to deliver the goods to Jhpiego from stock
  • Legal capacity to enter into the contract.
  • Dealership certificates or Manufacturer’s authorization.
  • The Bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the Bid and Jhpiego Ethiopia will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs


4.1.  The following information must be included in the quote: –

  • The price shall include all labor, materials, overhead, profit, and transportation necessary to deliver the required goods to Jhpiego Ethiopia office in Addis Ababa.
  • The bidder shall supply the goods on need basis after the signing of the frame work contract based on the frame work contract budget.
  • Bank statement  with  financial  statements  showing  current  financial  status  of  the company.
  • A bid shall contain no interlineations, erasures, or overwriting except, as necessary to correct errors, in which case the person signing the bid shall initial such corrections.
  • Warranty period shall be given for a minimum of 1 year after supplying the items.Inspection and tests prior upon delivery of goods will be conducted by Jhpiego Inspection Committee.

4.2.       Technical and Financial Proposals

No. Item Description Unit Quantity
1. Urine dipstick test of 50 pcs/pack Pack 780
2. Hemoglobin test strip of 50 pcs/pack Pack 785
3. Syphilis test kits of 25 pcs/pack Pack 2288
4. Blood Lancet Pack 581
5. Pregnancy test of 50 pcs/pack Pack 581
6. Disposable glove Pack/Box 1460

4.3.1. Technical proposal shall contain:

  • Evidences  of   Bidders   possessing   the   necessary   professional   and   technical qualifications, competence & financial resources,
  • A Statement of confirmation of the information, above
  • Renewed business license, TIN, VAT registration, and current tax clearance certificate
  • Client List and 3 references with contact information
  • Evidences of capability and experience in the requested service under the name of the company
  • Ability to provide a dealership certificates or manufacturer’s authorization
  • Capacity to supply the requested from stock

4.4.2. Financial proposal shall contain:

  • The price breakdown of unit price and total price for the requested service quoted in Ethiopian Birr. The tax element shall be clearly indicated.
  • Prices valid must be minimum of 30 days after signing of the contract.
  • Payment terms and conditions.
  • Confirmation of credit facility.


  • The vendor is responsible for continuous suppling of the goods.
  • The vendor will solely be responsible for the Goods supplied under this bid which shall conform to the standards mentioned in the Technical Specifications.


The vendor warrants that the Goods supplied are new, and accordance to Jhpiego specifications.

  • Jhpiego shall have the right to inspect and/or to test the Goods to confirm their conformity of the specifications at no extra cost to Jhpiego. Any inspected or tested Goods fail to conform to the Specifications, Jhpiego may reject the Goods, and the bidder shall either replace the rejected Goods or make alterations necessary to meet specification requirements free of cost to Jhpiego.
  • Jhpiego is responsible to pay the Vendor the amount agreed herein subject to the terms and conditions.
  • Vendor is responsible to pay ALL taxes.
  • The bid prepared by the bidder and the correspondence and documents relating to it shall be written in the English language

Jhpiego intends to select an approved vendor whose quotation contains the combination of those criteria offering the best overall value.

Prior to the detailed evaluation, Jhpiego will determine the substantial responsiveness of each bid to the RFQ. A substantially responsive bid is one which conforms to all the terms and conditions of the RFQ without material deviations. A bid determined as not substantially responsive will be rejected and may not subsequently be made responsive by correction of the non-conformity by the bidder.

6.1. Technical Evaluation

  • All bidders who meet the submission requirements shall be assessed on the basis of compliance to Jhpiego Ethiopia requirements stated in the bid.
  • Bidders will be evaluated against compliance to general requirement and technical specification stated in this document and other commercial terms and conditions.
  • Those proposals that comply with all the mandatory technical requirements shall be considered as “technically Comply” and is considered for commercial evaluation technically and non-compliant offer shall be rejected.
  • Those bids that fulfill the above compliance statement and technical specification shall be considered for further commercial evaluation.

6.2. Financial Evaluation

  • Offer that do not comply to mandatory requirements shall be rejected.
  • Mandatory requirements for commercial terms includes but not limited to:

ü   Compliance to commercial terms and conditions

ü   Delivery time

6.3. Selection/Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation factors are a total of 100 points, apportioned as noted in the following.

Evaluation Criteria Weighting


Compliance with pricing conditions set in the Instruction to Bidders (ITB). 60
Compliance with requirements relating to technical issues: the product’s ability

to satisfy functional requirements and warranty for the continues supply of the items.

Dealership certificates or Manufacturer’s authorization. 5
Delivery time 15

7. BID CANCELATION & DISQUALIFICATION OF BIDS*Only bidders with the appropriate documentation will be considered and quotations become the property of Jhpiego.

7.1. Bid Cancelation

  • If serious circumstances have occurred during the bid which prevent Jhpiego to continue the bid.
  • When major  discrepancies  have  been  found  in  the  bid  document  or  other supporting documentation of the bidder.
  • If the bid is cancelled as mentioned above, Jhpiego has the right to re-announce the bid.
  • Jhpiego has the right to cancel an award prior to the signing of a contract due to any unforeseen changes in the direction of Jhpiego’s client, be it funding or programmatic.
  • Jhpiego Ethiopia reserves the right to reject the bid fully or partially.

7.2. Disqualification of Bids. Bidders must provide full, accurate and complete information as required by this solicitation. If any major discrepancies have been found in the bid document or other supporting documents, the bidder will be automatically disqualified.

  • Bid will be disqualified if not submitted via ET-Procurement@Jhpiego.org e-mail address.
  • If the bidder commits fraudulent acts in respect of the bid.
  • If the bidder fails to be substantially responsive to the bidding document.
  • If the bidder enters into unauthorized relationship with employees of Jhpiego

Ethiopia who is involved in the procurement process.

  • When the bidder violates the rules and regulations of the bid.
  • If any attempt by a bidder or its agents is made to influence Jhpiego Ethiopia’s evaluation of tenders or award decisions, including the offering or giving of bribe, gift or other inducements.


  • Jhpiego will not compensate bidders for preparation of their response to this RFP.
  • Issuing this RFQ is not a guarantee that Jhpiego will award a contract.

9. QUOTATION INSTRUCTIONS AND DEADLINE: Jhpiego reserves  the  right  to  issue  a  contract  based  on  the  initial evaluation of offers without discussion.

  • Jhpiego will issue contract agreement to the bidder with the highest aggregate score based on the evaluation criteria. Jhpiego also reserves the right to award contracts to a number of bidders if it determines that this will better serve its operational effectiveness or may choose to award a contract for part of the activities in the RFP.
  • Should Jhpiego choose to make an award, assignment from award of contract will subject to you to normal tax liability in Ethiopia.
  • Responses to this RFQ shall be submitted by email to the Jhpiego Ethiopia office to the attention of ET-Procurement@Jhpiego.org., no later than – September 8, 2021 at 5.30 p.m.
  • Offers received after this date and time will not be accepted for consideration. Jhpiego will acknowledge receipt of your Quotation by email.
  • Any questions or requests for clarification need to be submitted in writing to the email addresses Abebu.Andargie@jhpiego.org one week prior to the deadline for the submission of bids. Answers will be shared with all firms.
  • Bid will be rejected if not submitted via ET-Procurement@jhpiego.org e-mail address.
  • No telephone inquiries will be answered. Unwritten questions or any verbal responses and/or comments will not be entertained or binding.
  • Jhpiego may, at its discretion, extend this deadline for the submission of the bids by amending the Bidding Document.