JVMI planned to select potential suppliers for long term agreement for the year 2023.



  • Category : Pharmaceutical Products/Medicines
  • Posted Date : 01/21/2023
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 02/03/2023


Terms of reference for long term agreement

For local pharmaceutical suppliers (importers and wholesalers and pharmacies) for the provision of human medicine, Medical supplies, Lab reagents, Medical equipment, tooth brush and tooth paste.

JVMI Ethiopia, January 2023

Addis Ababa

JVMI planned to select potential suppliers for long term agreement for the year 2023.

  1. Eligibility Criteria
  2. Suppliers should be legally registered and licensed by EFDA and should provide copy of renewed license
  3. Supplier should be legally registered by government trade authority and should provide copy of renewed business license, commercial registration certificate, tax payers and tin certificate
  4. Supplier should have at least two years of experience in the pharmaceutical market and should provide three recommendation letters of good performance.

Information required from suppliers to undertake the Bid

  1. Sealed Bids should be submitted to JVMI OFFICE Sar-bet (EGST building 4th floor) Phone 0911798242 or 0912684364
  2. Soft copy of Bids should be emailed on the provided format
  3. All prices should be quoted in birr and shall indicate Unit prices of the items on the appropriate column
  4. The bidder shall be typed and signed.
  5. JVMI will open all bids in the presence of bid Committee. Late and incomplete (missing soft or hard copy) bids will be rejected.
  6. JVMI may ask for clarification and the response shall be in writing and no change in price or substance of the bid shall be sought, offered, or permitted.

PLEASE Collect list of items from our office around Sar-bet in 5 working days (Jan 23rd /2023-Jan 27th/2023) and return the form in 5 working days (Jan 30th  -Feb 3rd /2023), the Bid will be closed on Feb 3rd, 2023.