KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Ethiopia Office intends to invite foreign and local eligible Bidders for the Project for ‘ICT-based Business Creation and SMEs Support to Create Quality Jobs in Ethiopia’


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  • Posted Date : 08/20/2022
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  • Closing Date : 09/02/2022


Invitation for Bids

KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Ethiopia Office intends to invite foreign and local eligible Bidders for the Project for ‘ICT-based Business Creation and SMEs Support to Create Quality Jobs in Ethiopia’

Summary of Bidding

Bid Title Remodeling Works for the Project for ‘ICT-based Business Creation and SMEs Support to Create Quality Jobs in Ethiopia’
Purpose Promotion of technology development in the relevant field through the establishment of the ICT Innovation Center, development of technical personnel, and development of the ICT field by supporting venture companies
Project Site Addis Ababa, Bole Sub City, Woreda 11, ICT Park, Incubation Building
Scope of Works 1) Remodeling works for 1st Floor (about 1,246m2)

2) Remodeling works for 2nd Floor (about 1,197m2)


* Remodeling Works to enhance capacity of existing “ICT-based Business Creation & SME Support to create Quality Jobs” shall include, but not limited to, the following; Water, Sewage, Storm water drainage system, Mechanical System, Electrical System and other facilities necessary to make the ICT building operable as stated in Bid Documents.

Duration Total 6 months from Effective date
Price l  Basic Price: USD 597,800 (VAT exclusive)

l  Estimate Price: to be determined


※ The Bidders’ Price Proposal should not exceed the Estimated Price, which will be decided by calculation from this Basic Price, according to KOICA’s Bidding regulation. Any Bidder’s price exceeding such value may result in rejection of its Bid.

※ The successful bidder shall be responsible for the preparation of any documentation regarding tax exemption. KOICA shall provide all necessary documents as required by the Ministry for their relevant transaction.

※ KOICA shall neither retain right nor take responsibility regarding any taxes including VAT, which may incur in the process of bidding & contract agreement. The successful bidder shall be responsible for any tax collection and refund per Ethiopia law.

  1. Employer: Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)
  2. Bid Type: Open Competitive Bidding without Pre-Qualification
  3. Selection of a Successful Bidder: A bidder who obtains the highest total points [Price Point 80% + Technical points 20%] shall have priority for final negotiation as a duly eligible Bidder
  4. Letter of Interest: Bidding Documents will be distributed to those who expresses interest by email ethiopia@koica.go.kr with designated Form of Letter of Interest as attached hereto.
  5. Currency and language of proposal: US Dollar and English. All the RFP (Request for proposal) documents will be distributed by KOICA in English and the Bidders should submit all bidding proposal documents either in English or notarized in English from the local language.
  6. Key personnel of selected Bidder (Project Director and on-site Project Manager) shall have good command of English in Speaking and Writing.
  7. Bidding Schedule
No. Item Date Description Remark
1 Registration of participation in Bidding Aug 19 ~ Aug 26 Bidders’ Letter of Interest (LOI) can be submitted by email or in person by using the given format of KOICA The Bidding document and the location of Pre-bid meeting will be given individually by email to whom shows interest in attending ‘bidding explanation’ session
2 Tender Briefing and Pre-bid meeting (not mandatory): 10:00, Aug 29 off-line meeting Venue will be notified later; in the presence of Contracting Entity and Bidders.
3 Site Visit (Not Mandatory) 14:00, Aug 29 site patrol and queries to proceed at the site, as being accompanied by ICT Park’s and KOICA’s management The bidder is responsible for understanding  the current status at the site, to compare the site information and the design document, to reflect every information in the proposal without omission
4 Queries regarding Bidding Aug 29 ~ Aug 31 submission only by email  
5 Official Answers to Questions from Bidders Sep 2 Will be shared to all the participants through Email.  
6 Deadline for Bid submission Sep 2~ 16:00, Sep 8 Direct delivery to KOICA Office (inform your visit in advance). Late submission shall not be accepted under any circumstances
7 Bid Opening (Evaluation of Bidding Price) 10:00 (prompt) Sep 9 venue will be notified later; in the presence of Contracting Entity and Bidders, later comers may not be able to attend bid opening, resulting into automatic disqualification


–    Bid opening will be conducted with all the representatives of bidders being present.

–   If there is no valid bidder, the participating will re-submit the price proposal and the final estimated price will be re-selected on the day of the price opening ceremony. The bidder that does not participate in the price opening ceremony will be evaluated by the original price.

8 Qualification of the 1st candidate Bidder Sep 12    
9 Negotiation for the terms and condition for the Contract Sep 12 ~ Sep 14    
10 Visit the 1st candidate Bidder’s office and/or site for verification by KOICA Sep 14    
11 Notification of successful bidder Sep 16    
12 Submission of “Notice of Commence” Sep 23    
13 Signing for the Contract By Sep 30, 2022 Effective Date  
  1. Minimum Qualification requirements:
  2. Enterprise with qualification to establish the its constitution in accordance with the Laws of its own country
  3. Enterprise (including a foreign company) with qualification to carry out the Construction Works in accordance with the Laws of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  4. Enterprise that is not restricted by an international organization or a government, or that has not been declared ineligible for a contract, or that has not been sanctioned for it
  5. Enterprise that have not been convicted of bribery-related crimes in accordance with domestic and foreign laws
  6. Enterprise with more than one (1) completed similar project in terms of the Construction Works, respectively, which has been successfully completed over 200,000 USD during last 10 years (2012 ~ 2021)

*The similar projects mean construction or remodeling of research, educational, cultural or assembly facility.

  1. List of Required Documents for Submission will be distributed when to those who expresses interest by email ethiopia@koica.go.kr
  2. All bid Submission must be accompanied by a Bid Security of no less than Two Points (2.0) % of Total Bid Price or ETB 500,000
  3. According to the relevant Act and Laws, KOICA prohibits this Bid participation against any Bidder who may be judged ineligible due to the below reasons;
  4. A Bidder who has ever been restricted for bidding by International Organizations or Foreign Governments, or notified and sanctioned as an ineligible entity for Construction Contract.
  5. A Bidder who has been restricted to participate in Bidding under disposition period since he was sentenced for an unrighteous entity.
  6. A Bidder who has been sentenced for crime related to bribery according to domestic or foreign laws and regulations.
  7. KOICA will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by bidders in connection with the preparation or delivery of bids.

Contact Point

  1. Address: P.O.Box 5652, House No.97, Woreda 05, Kirkos Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia / Ethiopia KOICA Office
  2. Phone: (+251)11-372-0340~1
  3. E mail: ethiopia@koica.go.kr

(NOTE BEFORE) All the participating parties in the bid, during the bidding process and the bid selection, the agreement and fulfillment of the contract, and any their pertinent processes (including processes after completion and delivery), must be fully acquainted with the ‘Special Terms and Conditions of Integrity Pact’, and submit the ‘Integrity Pact Agreement (Implementation of memorandum)’ when presenting the ‘Bid Proposal’.

◈ You can report any forms of corruption or unfair practices during the current bidding and contract processes to the KOICA Ethiopia Office (☎ +251-11-372-0340~1/ethiopia@koica.go.kr)

◈ Please report to the KOICA Audit Department (clean@koica.go.kr), if a KOICA employee makes unreasonable demands such as money, valuables, hospitality, and entertainment.