Land O’Lakes Venture37 is seeking medical insurance services provider that can provide coverage



  • Category : Insurance Services
  • Posted Date : 01/30/2023
  • Closing Date : 02/08/2023
  • Source : Reporter



Food and Agricultural System Transformation (FAST) Project

RFQ Number:         FAST-2023-PROC-001

RFQ Title:               Medical  Insurance  Coverage  for  Host  Country  Nationals

(HCNs) and their Dependents in Ethiopia

Date Issued:          January 27, 2023

Issuing Office:       Regional HR Manager

Closing Date:         February 8, 2023

Quotations received after the closing date/time mentioned, may be rejected


Land O’Lakes Venture37 is currently implementing a subcontract under the five-year Food and Agriculture System Transformation (FAST) project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The goal of the FAST program is to increase access to nutritious foods, namely for women and children, while strengthening food systems and using a nutrition-led approach. The program will focus its efforts in five regions of Ethiopia: Bahir Dar, Jimma, Hawassa, Dire Dawa, and Mikelle. The FAST Project is scheduled to close November 13, 2027.

The purpose of this RFQ is to invite qualified medical insurance providers to submit quotes for coverage of Host Country Nationals (HCNs) and their eligible dependents for one year starting February 2023, with the possibility of extension.

The details of the requirements and the terms and conditions for the procurement are given below:

1) Item and Quantity:

Please see attached list (Annex 1)

2) Delivery:

Quotation for medical coverage for thirteen (13) Land O’Lakes Venture 37 employed Host Country Nationals (HCN) and their eligible dependents. The selected bidder will sign a negotiated medical insurance cover contract with the Land O’Lakes Venture 37 Ethiopia Office.

3) Technical specifications:

The bidder should quote premium as per specifications attached (Annex 1)

4) Conformity with Technical Specifications/Terms

  1. a) Your quote should be for one option only, conforming to the attached specifications, and suited to Ethiopia condition No alternative offers will be considered.

5) Cost breakdown:

  • Unit price of each category of coverage.
  • Unit designation (outpatient, Inpatient, emergency, etc.)
  • Total price to provide services in Ethiopia including transportation and technical support
  • Taxes (VAT) shown separately

6) Price:

Price quoted in Ethiopian Birr must be net, less any discount offered. Please show VAT separately

7) Validity

Prices offered in the quotation must be firm and valid for 30 days from the closing date of the RFQ. No increase in price will be considered after closing of the RFQ.

8) Delivery Date:

The insurance coverage is required to be delivered within one (1) day of award of the purchase order. If the service is not available immediately upon signing of the contract, state expected availability.

9) Inspection

Land O’Lakes Venture 37 will review the service contract prior to signing.

10) VAT/Taxes

Service Providers are requested to show separately VAT amount and indicate the VAT registration number. All other applicable taxes shall be borne by the supplier.

11) Payment

Payment will be made within fourteen (14) working days from date of signature of the medical insurance cover contract, subject to review and acceptance of the draft contract to be submitted by the selected service provider and receipt of all supporting documents for access of medical facilities. Land O’Lakes Venture 37 will make changes in  employees enrolled as they join or leave employment once the contract is established.

12) Award:

Award will be made to the organization with the provider that offers the best overall value and service to the project which meets all the terms and conditions of this solicitation. Land O’Lakes Venture 37 may further discussions and negotiations with one or more finalist providers prior to making a final selection.

13) Right to Cancel Solicitation and Reject Offers:

Land O’Lakes Venture 37 reserves the right to accept or reject any offer or cancel or reissue this RFQ without assigning any reason.

15) Submission of Quotation:

  1. i. Quotations submitted by email should indicate the RFQ number (FAST-2023- PROC- 001) and title (Medical Insurance Coverage for HCNs and their dependents in

Ethiopia) in the subject line.

Email address:

  1. ii. Quotation should consist of:

1)  Your offer;

2)  Copy of this RFQ and the specifications (Annex 1) duly signed; and

3)  Complete   technical   literature   for   the   insurance   coverage,   including specifications, instructions, and any other important details about the package.

17) Expenses relating to submission of quotation

Issuance of this RFQ in no way obligates Land O’Lakes Venture 37 to award a contract or purchase order and bidders will not be reimbursed for any costs associated with the preparation of this bid. All preparation and submission costs are at the bidder’s expense.

Annex 1: Specifications

Land O’Lakes Venture37 is seeking medical insurance services provider that can provide coverage  including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Annual maximum limit per person
  • Any applicable co-insurance on each claim
  • Inpatient hospital benefits  (Inpatient accommodation in  standard  private  room; Accident  and  non-chronic inpatient  specialists, theatre  costs,  ward  and  theatre medicines; Emergency ambulance services; High care and intensive care; Inpatient maternity childbirth, by type, maternity complications; neonatal care; hospitalization due to chronic conditions – optical surgery, dental surgery, etc.).
  • Limit and type of major disease benefits.
  • Limit and type of pre-existing/chronic disease benefits.
  • International emergency evacuation and repatriation.
  • Emergency treatment whilst travelling outside of geographical coverage area.
  • Day-to-day outpatient benefits (consultations – referral, pathology, basic radiology and other diagnostic tests; prescribed medication for acute conditions; outpatient maternity care; dentistry; optical).
  • Coverage for treatment outside of network for emergency cases
  • Coverage for treatment outside of network for non-emergency cases
  • Any other relevant benefit package offered by the service provider.

Annex 2: Pricing Template

RFQ Title:                                                          
RFQ Number                                                          

Pricing List



Item Description


Payable per Staff and Eligible Dependents


Number of Staff


Total Premium (MK)


Overall Benefits Limit (MK)












Inpatient hospital benefits:

•   Inpatient accommodation in standard private room

•   Accident and non-chronic

inpatient specialists, theatre costs, ward and theatre medicines

•   Emergency ambulance


•   High care and intensive care

•   Inpatient maternity childbirth, maternity complications

•   Neonatal care

•   Hospitalization due to chronic conditions

•   Optical surgery

•   Dental surgery, etc.



Limit and type of major disease benefits.    


International emergency

evacuation and repatriation.



Emergency treatment whilst travelling outside of geographical

coverage area







Day-to-day outpatient benefits:

•   Outpatient services – consultations, referrers, pathology, basic radiology and other diagnostic tests.

•   Prescribed medication for acute conditions

•   Outpatient maternity care

•   Dentistry.

•   Optical.



Any other relevant benefit package offered by the service


Total Premium    
Less Discount (if any)