Management Sciences for Health (MSH) invites courier service providers to pilot an integrated specimen transport service in selected health facilities.



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  • Posted Date : 09/24/2022
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Assignment: Integrated Biological Specimen Transportation & Results Delivery Service

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is a leading international health organization dedicated to saving lives and improving the health of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health. USAID Eliminate TB project, as a partner of the Sidama region in the implementation of the TB program that includes TB laboratory quality service and safe sputum transportation for universal access to DST, invites courier service providers to pilot an integrated specimen transport service in selected health facilities.  

Key Objectives:

The key objective of the assignment is the timely pick up of integrated biological specimens/sputum from Referring Health Facilities and transport to the referral testing centres or laboratory (GeneXpert) in a safe and timely manner and delivery of results back to the Referring Health Facilities..

Scope of the Assignment: A total of ten health facilities are expected to be covered by a courier service. In all cases, integrated biological specimens are picked up from the ten referring health facilities (RHF) and transported to two testing sites and results are returned via identical routes. The ten referring health facilities, receive two scheduled specimen courier visits per week.

Required Capacity: In order to successfully undertake these activities in accordance with the national guidelines and standard requirements, a CSP should have the necessary organizational structure and strength including regional a branch office for the coordination and management of activities in the Sidama Region in selected ten health facilities to ensure seamless specimen transportation. It is also crucial that the CSP has the necessary capacity and resources in terms of finance, material assets like cars or motorbikes, or a mix of all including an adequate number of competent personnel to execute the activities effectively and efficiently to the best level of performance requirements at an affordable cost.

Staffing, Qualifications & Capacity Building

The Courier Service Provider should have adequate number of staff in the following job categories and required qualifications:

  1. Coordinator:

The firm must employ/deploy a Regional Coordinator for the coordination of the referral activities.

  1. Couriers:

The CSP should employ full-time couriers for specimen transportation and results delivery services and they should be trained on specimen transportation standards including biosafety.

  1. Capacity Building:

Sidama Regional Health Bureau (SRHB) and Sidama Public health Institute (SPHI) is committed to supporting the CSP in providing the necessary training and triple package that is required for specimen transportation.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation

The SRHB/SPHI and MSH, as part of the contract management, will regularly monitor and keep track of specimen transportation and result delivery activities.

Implementation Period: The implementation period will be for 2 months


Serial  No Facility Name Woreda Specific Location  TB Gene Xpert Laboratory
1 Aleta Chuko Primary Hospital Aleta Chuko Town Adminstratio Chuko Yirgalem General Hospital
2 Futahe  Health Center Aleta Chuko Woreda Hytala Yirgalem General Hospital
3 Gambela Health Center Aleta Chuko Woreda Kurfo Yirgalem General Hospital
4 Rufo Chancho Health Center Aleta Chuko Woreda Siqe Yirgalem General Hospital
5 Mirdicha Health Center Aleta Chuko Woreda Koyanto Yirgalem General Hospital
6 Loko Hayitala Health Center Aleta Chuko Woreda Adosa Yirgalem General Hospital
7 Dongora Elelicho Health Center Aleta Chuko Woreda Elelcho Yirgalem General Hospital
8 Beteseb Medium Clinic Ateta Chuko Town Adminstration Aleta Chuko Town Aleta Wondo Primary Hospital
9 Teferikella Health Center Dara Otilcho Woreda Shewa ber Aleta Wondo Primary Hospital
10 Abera Doko Health Center Dara Otilcho Woreda Abera Doko Aleta Wondo Primary Hospital
Therefore, MSH invites eligible Courier Service Providers for integrated biological specimen transportation. Interested Firms should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the service.

  • Firm’s experience in biological specimen transportation service
  • Managerial and organizational structure including regional branch office
  • Vehicles and/or motorbikes dedicated to biological specimen transportation
  • System for tracking specimen transportation activities
  • Human resource capacity (Coordinator and Couriers).

Selection Criteria:

The bid will be evaluated not necessary on the basis of lowest price alone but MSH will award the contract on the basis of value for money, quality, compliance and delivery. The experience of the tenderer in the performance of similar contracts will also be criteria for selection.

Bid documents should be submitted on or before Friday October 07, 2022 4:00PM.

Before the closing date and time, bidders should prepare their offer in a sealed envelope and submit to MSH Office located at Hayahulet mazoria, Rebeka Building, 5th floor.

Management Science for Health (MSH) reserves the right to reject all or part of the bids. For further information, contact us:

 Phone: 0116175000/ 14 or email at