Marie Stopes International Ethiopia (MSIE) is looking for a well-qualified and experienced external company/ Agency for the provision of cleaning service



  • Category : Cleaning & Janitorial Service
  • Posted Date : 08/24/2021
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 09/03/2021



Cleaning Service Bid Invitation

Marie Stopes International Ethiopia (MSIE) is an organization with a vision of helping women and men having children with their choice. MSIE contributed significantly for the reduction of maternal, children and newborns death nationwide for the past 30 years and proud of being part of reaching and served over 100 million clients throughout the globe.

MSIE operates in 24 reproductive health service centers throughout the country and four of them are established as MCH center and MSIE is looking for a well-qualified and experienced external company/ Agency for the provision of cleaning service at MSIE two MCH centers (Arada and Gotera MCH) and two SRH Centers (Addis Ketema & Megenagna) and at Head Office(Wolo Sefer) with affordable price.

Bid preparation

Please note the following conditions for the bid process.

  1. Bidder should get the TOR for the bid from MSIE head office reception.
  2. The work is of urgent nature and expected to commence immediately upon contract signing.
  3. Bidders must provide a bid security of ETB 2000 (Two thousand birr) in the form of CPO or unconditional bank guarantee along with their bids.
  4. Bid should be sealed and stamped along with the signature of the authorized person.
  5. Bidders are expected to indicate the total price per cleaner to the specific center. The total price shall include the cleaner salary with tax and pension and cleaning material costs and VAT and others if any.
  6. Document to be provided: bidder should provide the following documents as part of their bids. Failure to do so will result in disqualification for the bid.
    • Renewed business license
    • VAT registration certificate
    • Taxpayer identification number certificate
    • Any relevant professional practice certificates (Optional)
  1. The bidders shall seal the original and all copy of Bid in two inner envelope and one outer envelope, duly marking the inner envelope as “original “and “copy’. And writing the following address on the envelope, Marie Stopes International Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.
  2. Bidder must submit bidding documents into the box ready for the bid on or before 10 am September 3, 2021 to the following address.

Procurement and Facility Division

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 5775

Marie Stopes International Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. MSIE is not bound to accept the lowest offer or any offer.