• Category : Other Construction
  • Posted Date : 04/28/2021
  • Phone Number : 0116610011
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 05/18/2021




MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES  OCA / ETHIOPIA MISSION (also known as DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS OR MSFOCA / ETHIOPIA MISSION) is a private, non profit; International Humanitarian Medical Organization, which intervenes in emergencies and crisis situation, to relieve human suffering from unmet medical needs, and to create a space for humanity

MSFOCA has planned to construct:


Type of Construction Work Required



[LOT 1]

Construction Project: [Construction of Operation Theatre and Generator Room]


Location:                  [Kule Refugee Camp]


Regional State:        [Gambella National Regional State]



[LOT 2]

Construction Project: [Construction of XRay Room, IPD and ITFC Blocks]


Location:                  [Kule Refugee Camp]


Regional State:        [Gambella National Regional State]

  1. MSF-OCA invites sealed bids from eligible bidders of GC/BC 5 and above with renewed Business License for Construction, TIN & VAT Certificates for the provision of the above mentioned Works.
  2. A complete set of Bidding Documents can be collected by interested bidders at the address stated below at (N 8) starting from April 28 2021 during office working hours upon submitting copies of Tax payer Registration Certificate (TIN), Renewed Trade License and Registration, valid Tax Clearance from Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority and Renewed Certificate of Compliance from Mistry of Construction & Urban Development.
  3. Though the tender document can be collected for all lots and a bidder may participate in both bids, contract will be awarded to One Lot only for a single bidder.
  4. One bidder in not to be awarded contract for both lots. All bids should be delivered on or before [May 18 2021 at 09:30 AM] to the address stated below at (No. 9). Late arrivals will be disqualified automatically
  5. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security of 2% of the bid amount in a form of CPO only addressed to MSF- HOLLAND. None submission of bid security will lead to rejection.
  6. Sealed,Signed and Stamped envelopes containing the offer for completing of all works as illustrated and described in the tender documents shall be delivered in the following manner:
  7. a. A first sealed,signed and stamped envelope marked Bid Security carrying contractor’s Bid Security
  8. b. A second sealed, signed and stamped envelope marked Financial Offer” carrying the Original and Copies of the Financial Document sealed, signed and stamped in separate envelopes and labeled Not to be opened with the Qualification Document.
  9. c. A third sealed, signed and stamped envelope marked “Qualification Document” carrying the Original and Copies of the Qualification document sealed, signed and stamped in separate envelopes and labeled Not to be opened with the Financial Document.
  10. d. A fourth sealed, signed and stamped envelope and marked “Tender Offer” carrying all the above three envelopes.

All envelopes shall bear the following Reference: Tender offer for[“Lot No & Project Name]

The Outer and Inner envelopes shall bear the full address of the bidder. The outer envelope shall also bear the following statement:

DO NOT OPEN BEFORE [May 18 2021 at 10:00 AM]”.

Bids will be opened publicly in the presence of bidders, or their authorized representatives who choose to attend on [May 18 2021 at 10:00 AM]”. The Original Tender Envelope shall be opened if and only if the Tender Security Envelope carrying the security is valid. Only Technical proposals will be opened and Financial proposals will be sealed in the presence of bidders.

Address for collection of documents is at:



Medecins Sans Frontieres Holland / OCA Yeka Sub City, Woreda 7, House No.9999/1

Infront of Misrak atekalay polytechnic college next to Addis College


Addis Ababa

Tel. 0116610011

Medecins Sans Frontieres Holland Infront of Dembosco Catholic School Gambella Town

Telephone: 047 851 – 9070

 Address for clarification and delivering bid proposals and bid opening is at:

ADDIS ABABA COORDINATION OFFICE Medecins Sans Frontieres Holland / OCA Yeka Sub City, Woreda 7, House No.9999/1

Infront of Misrak atekalay polytechnic college next to Addis College

P.O. Box 34357

Addis Ababa

The Employer reserves the right to accept or reject any tender, and annul the tendering process and reject all tenders, at any time prior to award of contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected tenderer or tenderers of the grounds for the Employer’s action.