Mercy Corps in partnership with other Organizations is implementing Livelihood Improvement for Women and Youth (LIWAY) to partner Digital job matching service providers with marketing and PR company



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  • Posted Date : 08/06/2022
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  • Closing Date : 08/18/2022


Terms of Reference (TOR)

Capacitating Digital Connection Platform to Create more Employment Opportunities to Job Seekers in Addis Ababa

  1. Background

Mercy Corps in partnership with other Organizations is implementing Livelihood Improvement for Women and Youth (LIWAY) project funded by SIDA in Addis Ababa. The aim of the program is to contribute to sustainable poverty reduction by improving the income of 200,000 poor people of which at least 50% are women and 75% youth/within the age group of 16-35/ living in Addis Ababa.

Mercy Corps is leading in a labor sector and started various interventions to address systemic constraints that obstructs the proper functioning of the labor market in Addis Ababa. These interventions are initiated based on detailed market assessment and action researches and works with both private & public partners over the past one and half years. They are geared towards employment/job creation through skills development training, availing labor market (job information), financial and technical supports for private and public actors for risk sharing and/or incentivize them to broaden their participation in the labor market. However, there is a huge barrier in getting job information and the existing digital and physical job matching mechanisms are not convenient for low and medium skilled job seekers. In most cases, the type of jobs that job seekers may get mostly temporary and unreliable as the job seekers show up daily without having organized prior information about vacant positions and/or employers. Employment agencies in Ethiopia is limited reach to both job seekers and employers. Most of these agencies are small in operation and have a limited number of companies that use their service making the chance of being employed narrower.

Digital job matching platforms designed to bring job seekers and employers together are emerging as an effective and efficient solution to the recruitment of job seekers. These services can be delivered by public and private service providers to all unemployed and active jobseekers. The growing digital market players in this space presents a good example for how such institutions bring in efficiency in the matching of job seekers and employers. And the Gig Economy presents a significant opportunity to help overcome the challenges of unemployment and underemployment. However most digital job matching platform lack a clear expansion growth strategy and plan in serving under employed and unemployed jobseekers. The potential demand is clear and has been demonstrated in other context, but the existing and emergent digital job matching platforms in Addis Ababa lack the capacity for effective marketing and promotion of their services to both workers and consumers in this bracket. Digital connection platforms have limited/no clear marketing strategies in place for achieving their goals and diversifying their businesses. This increases the chance of missing out new potential employers and job seekers. Gig suppliers and employment agencies lack manpower and most of them are start-up businesses, and they don’t have appropriate financial or human resources to aggressively promote their products and services in the labor market. Due to limited promotion for potential employers and job seekers, number of digital job matching service providers have limited number job seekers and employers on their data base.

LIWAY proposes to partner Digital job matching service providers with marketing and PR company to research and pilot new marketing strategies focused on increasing the supply of employees and demand from consumers with a view to raising additional incomes for low-income women and youth. The learning of partnership and the overall demand research shall be shared with broader audience and create a better understanding of the digital job matching market for the newcomers.

  1. Goal

The purpose of this announcement is to invite potential private marketing and PR company to submit technical and financial proposals clearly depicting how to research and pilot new marketing strategies for digital job matching service providers (DJMSP) to increase the supply of employees and demand of employers to increase income for low-income youth and women as well as to develop a strong and recognizable brand of DJMSP.

  • Scope of Work
  • Understand how marketing and promotion affects job matching service providers to improve their business and increase income of low-income job seekers.
  • Assess and understand customer demand of job matching service and map the current demand for digital job matching services.
  • Understand low-income job seekers who are looking for opportunities like domestic worker, cleaning, nanny, Plumer etc … digital literacy skill.
  • Quantify the pool of job seekers and employers who have been using digital job matching platform among different promotional channels.
  • Understand why Job matching service providers (JMSP) not able to create partnership with advertising companies.
  • Understand the best promotional channel for JMSP to reach LIWAY target audience and employers and conduct post market research after implementation based on market research recommendation.
  • Assess and understand JMSPs willingness accept, and test selected promotional channels based on developed new marketing strategy.
  • Assess and understand willingness of JMSPs to implement through recommended channels and modify their service provision based on recommendation made from study result.
  • Study company profile and operations to understand its marketing and PR needs and implement strategy and campaign, provide advice on branding positioning, communication and other marketing issues.
  • Develop insight on target audience, value proposition and brand strategy in consultation with JMSP.
  • Assess major challenges/problems and forward possible recommendations appropriate job matching services to improve employment opportunities for job seekers.
  • Throughout the process, the company will consult with LI-WAY team for approval of decisions.
  1. Deliverables

Generally, the Ad company will be expected to produce and submit the following deliverables:

  • Validate and present the research: A debriefing/validation workshop will be organized by Mercy Corps for interactive feedback by relevant stakeholders and Mercy Corps staffs but facilitated by the company (through a PowerPoint Presentation and/or other debriefing materials by the company.
  • Submit draft report and compile comments from LIWAY team.
  • Deliver Final Report- Well researched and full-fledged study report which should not be longer than 40 pages capturing but not limited to the following sections:
    • Executive summary (1-2 pages)
    • Introduction (Background, Problem Statement & Methodology) (7-10 pages)
    • Findings (10 – 15 pages)
    • Conclusion & Recommendations (5 – 10 pages)
  • Submit two copies of full sets of final study report in hardcopy (color, if pictures or different colors used) and soft copy of full report in word & PDF presented in flash with all annexes and TOR on the last page.
  • Select 4 job matching service providers to conduct post market research on identified (based on research recommendation) channel of advertisements to reach out LIWAY targets.
  • Develop marketing and PR strategy and produce video, audio, print, motion graphics and digital contents for social media and website among other ways of communication for applicable promotion channels.
  • Support deliverability of advertising/promoting JMSP platform through selected channel of advertisement and provide advisory services for JMSPs based on the recommendation of the research.
  1. Duration

The Advertising company is expected to undertake the research within 60 calendar days.

  1. Qualification and Experiences Requirements

The company needs to mobilize study team consisting of team leader specialized in research, marketing/promotional strategy and marketing material design and development experience and provide advisory services expert.

  • Application Process

Interested and experienced companies are required to Send a brief proposal (Technical and financial) an updated CV/profile of team that will actually engage in this task and references and all in English is required. Bidders should include full package of trade licenses and Tin Certificate. A complete technical and financial proposal with budget breakdown and workplan for the mentioned work should be submitted separately and in a sealed envelope.

The financial proposal should be detailed enough and should include any professional costs, Material costs and relevant administrative and logistic costs related to the work.

Evaluation is 70% technical and 30% financial and the financial evaluation will be considered only if the technical score is above 50%.

Evaluation Criteria
I. Project Relevance & Feasibility 20%
II. Organizational Capacity (human, technical, financial) 20%
III. Previous Experience in the Proposed Area 10%
IV. Potential Impact/Expected result 10%
V. Project Monitoring and Evaluation plan 5%
VI. Workplan 5%
Total Technical Score (70%)
VII. Financial Feasibility/Budget 30%
Total Financial Score (30%)

Technical and financial proposal should be sent separately to  [email protected]


To Mercy corps Addis Ababa office, Yeka Sub-City, Kebele 08, House No. 377; Hayahulet, Tel. 011-1-110777, P. O. Box 14319 with reference “LIWAY Research, Advisory and Technical support in Capacitating Digital Connection Platform to Create more Employment Opportunities to Job Seekers” till 18th of August 2022 5:00PM.

Applications sent by other email account will not be considered.

Please collect the Tender Package with complete Terms of Reference from

OR from Mercy corps Addis Ababa office address mentioned above as of 8th August 2022 8:00am

Mercy corps reserves the right to reject this TOR fully or partially.