Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) invites interested bidder for consultancy service



  • Category : Baseline Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 10/15/2022
  • Phone Number : 0115512922
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 10/24/2022


Invitation for Consultancy Services

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is an International Non-Governmental Organization working on both humanitarian and development aid in many countries around the world. In Ethiopia, NCA started its operations in 1974 in program areas such as water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), reproductive health, climate resilience, peace building, and humanitarian response.

As per the NCA environmental policy, NCA offices shall strive to seek environmentally friendly solutions in the office set-up, operation, and program implementation. one of NCA’s Strategic Priorities is to become a more environmentally sustainable organization by transforming the internal operations at both HO and CO levels.

NCA Ethiopia office electricity and fuel consumption is growing very high due to continuous power blackouts happening in recent years, and it is impacting the yearly budget. The NCA Ethiopia office aims to replace the dependence on fossil fuels with renewable energy systems for purposes of reducing their greenhouse CO2 footprint, achieving cost efficiency in its electric consumption as well as achieving NCA’s sustainability goals in green energy.

This TOR has been issued to appoint experienced and professional consultants to undertake a comprehensive technical assessment of facilities, buildings, and internal operations, analysis of collected data and information, calculations of cost efficiency of suggested solutions, and clear prioritized recommendations.

Purpose of the consultancy

 To assess energy supply and consumption in the NCA Ethiopia office and analyze the potential for solar energy sources and propose cost-efficient solutions, including a technical assessment of facilities, buildings, and internal operations, analysis of collected data and information, calculations of cost efficiency of suggested solutions and clear prioritized recommendations.

Specific Tasks to be performed by the Consultant

Task 1: Assessment to determine the technical and financial feasibility for installation of the Solar panel solutions to generate power by Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) systems Propose the Optimal Solar panel solution specifying the Total Costs Investment, optimal sizing of the Solar PV Capacity, Energy Production Capacity, Renewable Fraction, Grid usage, Annual Monetary Savings, payback period, CO2 Emissions Saved, net electricity grid exchanges (if applicable), Annual Monetary Savings, and with factors to be considered as below:

  • The availability of sunlight throughout the year and the area available on the rooftop to calculate the power that can be generated.
  • The orientation of the rooftop towards the sun, considering the exposure towards the south for the panels.
  • The angle facing south for placing the roof panels that receive the maximum possible sunlight.
  • Assessment if there are nearby high-rise buildings or other sources of shading not to hinder the exposure of the solar panels to sunlight.
  • Determination of how much rooftop to use for solar panels, including the availability of sunlight and the space available on the rooftop; the maximum power that can be generated for producing electric power.
  • Access to roof for installation and Load bearing capacity of the roof and need arrange suitable structures based on the quality of roof.
  • Minimum clearance of the structure from the roof level.
  • Local regulations pertaining to solar PV.

Task 2: Prepare technical specifications for procurement and installation of the solar rooftop PV system, including bill of quantities with cost estimates. The technical specifications should include a description of individual actions and unit measures (bill of quantities and costs estimates; (specifications should not indicate the name of the manufacturer). Thus, the technical specification must include details as follows, but not limited to:

  • Solar Photovoltaic Modules
  • Specification of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) qualification test of the PV, requirements for construction, testing, and safety.
  • Adequate protective devices against surges at the PV module.
  • Qualification of the module frames.
  • Tolerance rate of the output power of any supplied module.
  • Variation of the peak-power point voltage and the peak-power point current of any supplied module and/or any module string.
  • Junction box for the module, such as terminal connection, type, arrangement, lid, cable gland entry points, etc.
  • I-V (current-voltage characteristic) curves at STC (Standard Test Conditions)


  1. Bidders must have renewed trade licence/ certificates for 2014 E.C. (2021/22 G.C.), VAT, TIN, Registration Certificate and other supporting letter/s concerning whether they have paid the taxes for government. Besides, a previous experience supported with certificates from client/s is/are mandatory.
  2. Bidders should submit their technical and Financial offers in wax-sealed envelopes separately to NCA’s Procurement on or before October 25, 2022 4:30 PM and must be accompanied by a bid bond amounting to two (1%) of the offer in the form of CPO or bank guarantee

Interested and eligible consultancy firms may collect Terms of reference (TOR), including Scope of Work prepared for this purpose for free from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon or from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM during Date  October 17-24,2022 time 4:30 PM from NCA office, whose address is:

Wello Sefer, Ethio-China Friendship Avenue, Opposite Tebaber Berta Residence

P.O. Box 1248, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Telephone: +251 (0) 115512922, Fax: +251 (0) 115518167

NCA Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. Late bids shall also be rejected