Our company Elilta construction materials and development plc would like to invite construction companies



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  • Posted Date : 06/08/2021
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  • Closing Date : 06/21/2021


Invitation to bid

Our company Elilta construction materials and development plc would like to invite construction companies for the construction of

  1. Structure works of 2B+G+11 apartment building (Lot I) –procurement no. ECMD/CMC/002
  2. Remaining structure works of 2B+G+11 apartment building (Lot II)- procurement no.ECMD/CMC/003

To be constructed in its own residential buildings compound at CMC behind ICMC Hospital

Bidders are expected to fulfill the following criteria

  1. Construction companies of Grade 4 BC/GC and above
  2. Renewed business license ( for 2013 E.C.), tin no, VAT registration certificate,
  3. Bid validity period- 60 days
  4. Bid security amount 50,000 ETB in the form of CPO, cheque or unconditional bank guarantee prepared for “ Elilta Construction Material & Development plc” valid for at least 90 days for each lot. Any bid document without bid security will be rejected automatically.
  5. Bidders can participate in both Lot I and Lot II. In this case the bidder is requested to submit separate bid documents for each lot. But, a successful bidder will be awarded only one block
  6. Bidders are requested to fill the financial document in Option -1 ( without advance payment) and option -2 (with advance payments)
  7. Bidders shall submit the bid documents in the following envelops
    • One envelope with original and one copy of Technical documents
    • One envelope with original financial ( both option 1 and 2 together) and one copy of financial document
    • One envelope with bid security
    • All the above envelopes shall be wrapped up together in one envelope
    • All envelopes shall carry the address of the bidder, the address of the client, the bid name with lot number and reference number
    • All documents shall be signed and sealed
  1. The bid submission date is on June 21,2021 at 4:00 PM
  2. The procurement committee will open the technical document of the bidders. Financial documents will be open for the bidders who passed the technical evaluation.
  3. The successful bidder or bidders will be announced to all the bidders through official letter.
  4. The client arranges site visit program on Monday June 15 and Tuesday June 16 afternoon from 3 to 5 pm and interested bidders can attend the visit program.
  5. The company has the right to partly or fully cancel the bid
  6. Bid documents can be collected from the address below

Name of the company:-Elilta Construction Material & Development plc

Address: – Sarbet Building (KOIKA) at Sarbet area

                 4th floor, room number 403

For further information, please contact

Mobile: – 0966117469/0993499924

e-mail:-geso1976@yahoo.com/ allenemolla1957@gmail.com

With best regards

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