Oxfam ethiopia General Call for Expression of Interest



  • Category : Baseline Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 09/19/2022
  • E-mail : addisababa@oxfam.org.uk
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 10/07/2022


 General Call for Expression of Interest


Oxfam is an international confederation of 20 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries. Our vision is a world that is just and sustainable; a world in which people and planet are at the center of just economies; women and girls live free from gender-based violence and discrimination; and where the climate crisis is contained, and inclusive and accountable governance systems allow for those in power to be held to account.

As one of foreign founded CSO, Oxfam has been working in Ethiopia since early 1970s to address the underlying causes of poverty and marginalization by focusing on developing sustainable livelihoods,  providing water and sanitation, agriculture, climate research, gender, emergency food security and humanitarian issues in collaboration with credible and diverse partners (government institutions, national and international NGOs – including women organizations, private sector actors, research institutions, multilateral organizations, i.e. UN agencies and the media).

Recently, Oxfam has developed and endorsed its strategic plan (2021-30) with a thematic focus on:

  • Humanitarian Response & Resilience Building: Oxfam works with communities before, during, and after crises to build their resilience, save lives, and address the root causes of conflict and disaster. This program has two interrelated objectives: providing humanitarian assistance and protection; and building resilience to restore communities’ livelihoods, health, safety, and leadership. We put gender and protection at the heart of our humanitarian response work.
  • Urban Development: Oxfam works to enhance urban governance and active citizenship, improve urban livelihoods, and influence government to improve access to housing and basic services. We support initiatives that reduce urban hazards, while working to foster an enabling environment for active citizens to advocate on their own behalf.
  • Gender Justice: Oxfam works to improve women and girls’ power through promoting livelihood alternatives while also supporting them to exercise their rights and protect themselves from gender-based violence. We do this through empowerment, organizing, networking and capacity strengthening of WROs, CBOs and youth led organizations. Our gender programs support campaigning, advocacy, alliance building, and gender mainstreaming. We put women at the centre of everything we do, and we follow feminist principles.
  • Sustainable Food & Climate Change: Oxfam works to spotlight the gendered impacts of climate and the effectiveness of climate change policies and programmes. We are working to promote women’s economic empowerment in our agricultural value chain work. Our team is facilitating linkages between the rural population and public and private institutions to support agricultural development.
  • Governance & Accountability: Oxfam’s Governance and Accountability program supports constituency building initiatives in Ethiopian civil society, based on the conviction that citizens are the key actors in their own development. We believe in accountability, and that organizations should respond to the needs of those they claim to represent. Our program establishes mechanisms to channel its constituency’s opinions and preferences into the organization’s action.
  • Youth for the Future: Oxfam works with youth and the private sector to build the creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship skills and knowledge of young people for economic development and poverty reduction. Through private sector engagement, we offer entrepreneurship skills to young people. We work to build the entrepreneurial capacity of youth advisory groups—facilitating active citizens with the skills to influence legal, policy and regulatory frameworks and to demand fair, lasting and sustainable policies, and practices. We invest in projects that break power dynamics and transform entire communities.

Oxfam believe that we can only achieve our goal of making a sustained and significant positive impact on poverty and injustice through the collective effort of many actors (civil society, state, private sector and others) engaged in relationships that foster complementarity and harness the added value each actor brings.

The purpose of this Call for Expression of Interest is to map out and identify the potential partners we could work collaboratively for immediate and/or future engagements through maintaining potential partners profile in our database. Organizations that wish to participate in this General Call for Expression of Interest can request for the application information/form on an email address : addisababa@oxfam.org.uk The deadline for requesting of the application information/form will be 7th  October  2022, before close of business (COB) 4:30PM. Any additional information, queries or clarification can also direct to same email address.

We encourage all CSOs/NGOs, Academic/Research Institution; Community Based Organisation (CBO); Foundations, Private Institution, and Enterprises whose information are found to be consistent with the above programme and have an interest to work in partnership to apply.