Oxfam is looking for capable and reliable supplier(s) for Supply of Seed



  • Category : Flora & Horticulture
  • Posted Date : 08/17/2022
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 08/22/2022


   Call for Invitation to Open Tender                                   

Oxfam in Ethiopia is an international NGO working on humanitarian and long-term development programs.

Persistent drought conditions caused by climate change has worsened food security levels in the Somali region. The region experienced one of the worst droughts projected as the worst humanitarian  crisis  in  many  parts  of  eastern  African  countries/east  Africa  hunger  crisis.  The drought conditions have resulted in failure of crops, death of livestock due to pasture and water shortages  and  displacements  because  of  increasing  ove rall  food  insecurity  across  the  region particularly and the adjacent Oromia region affecting large part of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya generally.

The  mandated  offices  of  the  agriculture  and  pastoral  development  sector  have  identified potential areas for crop production mainly those close to the river sides as many rivers with a course from the highlands of the adjacent areas in Oromia region passes in the areas targeted.

After the mandated offices identified the most appropriate sites for the crop seed and farm tools distribution, the EFSVL team facilitated and establishment of the selection committee that discussed on the draft criterion along with the larger community group and ratified the criterion and identified the eligible HHs.

Accordingly, Oxfam is looking for capable and reliable supplier(s) for Supply of Seed: Maize “Malkassa2”,   Sorghum   “Malkam”   and   Haricot   beam   “Awash   Malkasa1”   to   support   the humanitarian response in Somali response. Thus, Oxfam is issuing this Invitation to Tender to invite all legitimate suppliers to take part in this tender.

You can collect the TORs from OXFAM Ethiopia Program Office, starting from August 17, 2022. Applicants are required to carefully read through the TOR and based on their interest and previous experience, make a note of the planned timetable, and submit financial and technical proposal by August 22, 2022 (2:00 PM).

This invitation to tender has been issued for the sole purpose of obtaining offers for the provision of the quality services requested against the TOR. OXFAM reserves the right not to enter or award contracts as result of this invitation to tender. OXFAM also reserves the right to terminate any contract issued as a result of this ITT as set out in the contract terms and conditions.

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