Partners S.C. is seeking a reputable audit firm to conduct an objective external financial audit of the organization’s financial transactions


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  • Posted Date : 09/19/2022
  • Phone Number : 0116663339
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  • Closing Date : 09/23/2022


Partners S.C. is seeking a reputable audit firm to conduct an objective external financial audit of the organization’s financial transactions




Our Company Partners S.C. Would like to invite independent auditors, to submit their technical as well as financial proposals in separated sealed envelopes for audit service of our account that will be prepared in accordance with GAAP & IFRS for one year 2021\22 ending on July 7,2021- July 7,2022 or the budget year of 2014 Ethiopian Calendar.

Hence, Audit firm who are interested to render their professional service to our Company are invited to provide their credentials with bid document 10 working days from the date of the announcement.


  1. The firm will audit the client’s financial statement of the fiscal year 2021-2022/ the budget year of 2014 Ethiopian Calendar and make and report analyses of actual results on annual basis.
  2. The firm should conduct the audit according to Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), if necessary IFRS for Organizations requirements.
  3. The audit will be based in Addis Ababa main Office.
  4. Consolidated Financial report and Management letter will be the major output of the services.
  5. Perform a standard financial audit of the company  annual financial activity to determine its financial status and compliance with policies and procedures,
  6. Perform auditing and accounting tests to determine the reliability, integrity and internal control system,
  7. Examine accounting records such as general ledgers, assets/liability records, income/expenditure accounts, commitments to government, source documents and payroll journals to verify that transactions have been properly recorded and are in compliance with applicable regulations,
  8. Prepare an Audit Report and Management letter with recommendations for corrective action applying professional judgment and interpretation of applicable rules and standards,
  9. Provide an Audit Report in accordance with International Public-Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and local statutory requirements, and in accordance with the reporting standards expressed in relevant company Policies and procedures.
  10. Finalize the audit report within in the agreed days and submit the final Report to the company at a time.

The relevant information required document for submission of the proposal are;-

  1. Certificate of incorporation /Registration for legal entities/.Renewed trade license. Tax Identification certificate and VAT registration.
  2. Renewed Certificate/ License from Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia (AABE),
  3. Evidence of previous experience in providing similar service with manufacturing PLC, real estate and Business Firms,
  4. Audit fee to be charged, clearly by indicating with or without VAT,
  5. The bidder shall prepare two copies of the bid documents. For the technical and financial proposal, original & their copies,
  6. The bid document shall be submitted in a wax sealed envelopes,
  7. The bid document consisting both technical and financial proposal shall be submitted to the Company’s head office.


  • Working experience with the known audit firms as group auditors,
  • Experience of auditing of accounts of Business Firms,
  • Experience of auditing of partners companies.

How to Apply:-

 Interested firms who meet the above requirements are invited to submit proposals including the fees with a sealed envelope to our Registry office during office hours (8:30 AM – 5:30 PM) Monday – Friday In addition Saturday 8:30-12:30 at reality plaza located around Bole Brass between YouGo city Church and Best Western Hotel.

Partners S.C.  Reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and to cancel the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without there by incurring any liability to bidders.

For any enquiry can contact by Tel. No. 011-666 33 39/0911- 285436, e-mail:-

Partners S.C.