Population, Health and Environment Ethiopia Consortium (PHE-EC) wants to hire a competitive and an experienced consulting firm with a multi-disciplinary profession in leadership, Strategic planning, M&E, and M&E system development.


  • Category : Baseline Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 09/19/2022
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 09/23/2022


Improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency through enhanced capacities of leadership, strategic planning and establishment of robust M&E system 

Terms of Reference (TOR) Call for Consultant Service: Provision of a consultancy service on leadership, strategic planning and M&E system Development.

 Population, Health and Environment Ethiopia Consortium (PHE EC) 

  1. Background

Population, Health and Environment Ethiopia Consortium (PHE-EC) was established as an Ethiopian Civil Society Organization in August 2008 with the aim to promote holistic and integrated Population, Health, and Environment (IPHE) development approaches in Ethiopia and beyond. One of the key elements of IPHE approaches is integrating SRH and gender into development interventions.  PHE-EC, together with its 81 member organizations and its international and national partners, has successfully promoted IPHE approaches in the implementation of SRH and gender-integrated intervention in over 49 woredas (districts) in Ethiopia and has directly engaged with over 800,000 community beneficiaries. PHEEC has also been successfully influenced national policies and strategies through lining research and practices with policy development processes.

Currently PHE EC is implementing a one year project entitled “Improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency through enhanced capacities of leadership, strategic planning and establishment of robust M&E system. This project focuses on strengthening of the organizational effectiveness through leadership coaching and mentoring, strategic planning and ensuring robust M&E system.

  1. Objectives of the consultancy:

The main objective of this TOR is to hire a competitive and an experienced consulting firm with a multi-disciplinary profession in leadership, Strategic planning, M&E, and M&E system development. The services to be provided are detailed and based on evaluation and agreed upon proposals provided by the service provider. More specifically the objectives are:

  1. To strengthen PHEEC’s leadership and strategic planning capacity through tailored training to senior staff, and focused mentoring and coaching to the Executive director in the areas of strategic planning, membership engagement , and transformative leadership.
  2. To improve M&E system across all levels of the organization through developing interactive and robust monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) system.
  3. Primary tasks /activities

The major tasks of the consultancy service are:

  • Develop a detailed work plan, indicating the time in which the consultancy service will be implemented and delivered.
  • Staff capacity gap assessment and benchmarking on leadership and strategic plan development.
  • Staff TOT training on leadership skills based on the findings of the assessment.
  • Staff TOT training on strategic plan development.
  • Continuous executive coaching and mentoring.
  • Establish leader development system with the support of experts.
  • Provide support to PHE EC staff on members’ leadership and engagement.
  • Revise the five year strategic plan and develop organizational targets.
  • Review the existing M&E system and tools.
  • Revise the existing M&E system.
  • Develop appropriate and user friendly M&E data management system.
  • Provide training and coaching to staff on newly developed M&E system.
  1. Expected deliverables
    1. Develop and submit detailed proposal /work plan which explain the process to follow, methodology to be used and time frame. Feedback provision, incorporation and approval will be followed to the proposal.
    2. Deliver all the activities mentioned as primary tasks of this consultancy.
    3. Draft report of the consultancy service
    4. Final report of the consultancy service with feedback and comment incorporation
  2. Consultant qualification

Consultant should:

  • Be a consulting firm with a team of expertise from Leadership, Strategic planning, M&E and, IT background.
  • Have team member with an appropriate post-graduate qualifications and appropriate experience in Leadership, strategic planning, M&E and IT/programming with at least five years relevant experience;
  • Be a consultant firm under the set of legal provisions or under any valid legal cover
  • Have a commitment to meet the deadlines,
  1. Timescale

The total time required for this assignment is 10 months maximum (October 1, 2022 – July 31, 30, 2023). But the consultant will not be working throughout all this time and this should be clearly given in the detailed technical proposal

  1. Terms of Payment
  • 50% upon signing of the contract.
  • 40% upon satisfactory completion of the draft baseline report
  • 10 % upon satisfactory completion of all the deliverables
  • The payments will be made in A/C payee cheques in the name of the consultant /firm. PHE EC will deduct income tax. Besides, no other benefits shall be admissible beyond what is stipulated in the contract.
  1. Submission of Proposals

Interested and qualified consulting firms may send/submit their proposals, along with the following information:

  • Profile, giving background and experience of the individual/organization
  • Technical Proposal consisting of:
  • Proposed detail plan to undertake the assignment.
  • Time period needed for completion of the contract.
  • Financial proposal: Indicate the total price with detailed breakdown.
  • Copy of renewed Registration Certificate, License or Work Permit.
  • Other relevant supporting documents.
  1. Criteria for selecting the best offer

Upon the advertisement of the Procurement Notice, qualified consulting firm is expected to submit both the Technical and Financial Proposals. Accordingly; applicants will be evaluated based on Cumulative Analysis as per the following scenario:

  • Responsive/compliant/acceptable, and
  • Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation. In this regard, the respective weight of the proposals are:
  • Technical Criteria weight is 60%
  • Financial Criteria weight is 40%