Population Services International, Ethiopia (PSIE) is seeking to establish “Long-term Arrangements” with Printing Services in Three (3) Service Categories



  • Category : Promotional Items
  • Posted Date : 07/09/2021
  • E-mail : psiprocurement@psiet.org
  • Phone Number : 0116674820
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 08/02/2021


EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) for Long Term Arrangements

Printing Services in Three (3) Service Categories

Reference # PSI/019/2021

Population Services International, Ethiopia (PSIE), a growing International Humanitarian Organization, is seeking to establish “Long-term Arrangements” through a Prequalification process for the below listed category of services. The LTAs when established, will enhance cost efficiency from economies of scale and ensure timeliness in the procurement and delivery of products and services.

  • Ref # PSI/019/2021/LFD:

Production of Large Format Digital Printing Services (event banners, roll up banners, sticker print, signages, billboards, outdoor sticker, van graphics, wall brand, wall paint…etc)

  • Ref # PSI/019/2021/PRM:

Production of Promotional materials (T-shirts, banners, badges, bags, caps, mugs, back pack, pens, gowns …etc)

  • Ref # PSI/019/2021/PPR:

Production of Paper Print materials – wall charts, table calendars, wall calendars, key cards, flyers, posters, paper stickers, registers, forms, manuals,

Prequalification Requirements:

  • Certification of Eligibility: Renewed business license, VAT/Tax registration certifications
  • Evidence of past experiences (minimum 3 years in at least one of the categories)
  • Evidence of working experience with International NGOs.
  • List of key staff with their qualification and experience (attach CV of key personnel)
  • Documented evidence (copies of purchase orders, contracts, work orders) of at least three (3) major contracts of similar works and services completed within the last two (2) years
  • Reference from at least three (3) corporate organizations within the last two (2) years
  • List of printing equipment owned age, capacity, and features…etc
  • List of vehicles owned for logistics and delivery.
  • Stock of printing materials and storage capacity
  • Source of power supply for uninterrupted work
  • Copies of audited accounts/financial statements/annual turnovers for the last 3 years
  • Company profile highlighting contact addresses, branch offices, number of years as a service provider.
  • A statement of declaration in compliance to the following terms and conditions:
  • Credit facility, payment 100% after provision of services, within a period of 21 days
  • Performance bond deposit of ETB 50,000 valid for a period of one year
  • Note – only a statement of declaration agreeing to these terms is required at this time

To be shortlisted, applicants must provide documented evidence for all the above requirements in at least one of the categories of services.

Special Notes:

  1. Completed EOI submission letter and supporting documents should be sent electronically by email to psiprocurement@psiet.org with the EOI Reference Number clearly stated on the subject of the email. Email submissions received without an EOI reference may not be considered.
  2. All submissions must be received by email and supporting documents attached in PDF file format. Emails may be sent in multiple batches not exceeding 5 MB per email. Each email must have the EOI reference number to appropriate categorization.
  3. An organization may apply only in categories in which they have a comparative, competitive advantage. If applying for more than one category, please ensure to send separate emails with the appropriate EOI reference number and include the full supporting documents for each application category.
  4. Deadline for submission of the EOI is Monday, August 2, 2021 at 17:00 Hrs.
  5. PSIE shall be provided access to visit the bidder’s facility as part of the prequalification process.
  6. Only applications that meet all the prequalification criteria will be further contacted or invited to tender for the categories mentioned above.
  7. This REOI does not constitute a solicitation. PSIE does not require bids or proposals at this stage; this request is merely seeking an expression of interest for interested participants to be prequalified.
  8. A response to this Request for Expression of Interest does not automatically ensure that submitting companies will be selected to participate in subsequent Request for Proposal or bid.
  9. PSIE reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement at any time during the REOI and/or solicitation process. PSIE also reserves the right to require compliance with additional conditions when issuing future tenders, proposals, or bids.
  10. Queries from applicants are not accepted during the REOI process.

Evaluation Process and Methods:

Interested companies will be invited to express interest and or provide proposals with necessary supporting documents and information to demonstrate their capacity to meet PSIE needs as expressed in this REOI.

Prequalified companies should be ready to attend a pre-tender briefing/conference on the TOR scope of service requirements and how to provide financial offers when formal tenders are issued.

Future tenders for the LTAs shall be based on an Invitation to Restricted Bid (ITRB) or a Request for Quote (RFQ) method.

ITRBs and RFQs will be evaluated based on financial proposals (100%) or using Cumulative Analysis Method against a score of 100 points with a maximum of 80 points allocated to the financial proposal and 20 points allocated for the delivery/lead time.

Companies that are not prequalified will not be considered further. Submissions shall be evaluated on its merits by an evaluation panel based on stated prequalification criteria.

Evaluation/Prequalification Criteria

  1. Experience in the provision of services delivering similar projects, works, and services [10 points]
  2. Experience in the provision of similar services to other International NGOs [10 points]
  3. Providing a recent list of orders, contracts received [10 points]
  4. Reference checks for similar works done in the past three years [10 points]
  5. CVs of key personnel involved in the printing works [10 points]
  6. List of machines owned, relevant to the category of service [30 points]
  7. Availability of 24×7 power supply [10 points]
  8. Source of materials and stock levels [5 points]
  9. Financial report and throughput in the last 3 years [5 points]

Note: Minimum pass mark for prequalification is 70%

PSI Ethiopia

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