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  • Posted Date : 08/26/2021
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Ethiopia’s Off-grid Energy Access Financing  Study:

Terms of Reference

Ethiopia’s Off-grid Energy Access Financing  Study

1.1. Background

Ethiopian   Energy  Market  Accelerator (EMA) is  an  off-grid  energy   access  program under   Precise Energy Stream initiated and supported by various development partners implemented by Precise Consult International. The program’s overall objective is to accelerate access to clean, affordable, renewable energy for Ethiopians by overcoming or  reducing market barriers unleashing the  power  of  private  sector initiative, innovation,   and capital.

The energy  market accelerator is an initiative set  up to address sector-wide systemic issues that  no one actor can  solve  on its own. EMA works  to accelerate the off-grid energy  market in Ethiopia by focusing on four key areas;

  • Increasing capital  unlocked to off-grid sector into improved  access to finance and forex;
  • Piloting improved  solutions to bring affordable energy to unserved households;
  • Piloting  a  local  B2B  model   focusing on  identifying   backward  integration  opportunities  for  solar manufacturing companies and facilitating the ecosystem for sourcing of off-grid solar parts locally;
  • Supporting the improvement of policies  and regulations to support SHS growth.

1.2. Study Objectives

The main objectives of Ethiopia’s Off-grid Energy Access Financing  study  are

  1. Assess and brief the current electrification context and the required  forex and working capital  finance to achieve Universal access under NEP targets.
  2. Diagnose the demand side, supply side, policy, and regulatory Challenges to Overcome in deploying the required  forex and working capital  finance for NEP
  3. Assess potential sources of financing  and financing mechanisms needed to fill the forex and working capital  financing gap and propose financing mechanisms and vehicles that will enable stakeholders to deploy forex and working capital  finance that is needed to achieve universal  access
  4. Propose policy recommendations that  will enable more  forex and working capital  deployment needed to achieve universal access
  5. Communicate the result  of the study  to stakeholders to create awareness on how to unlock financing for the Ethiopian off-grid secto

1.3. Duties and responsibilities

To accomplish the objective of the study, the consultant will carry out the following tasks:

  1. Develop a detailed work plan with a proposed timeline  and  detailed roles  and  responsibilities for the study
  2. Develop report  outline
  3. Design research methodology, analysis tools, and questionnaires for the study
  4. Map key stakeholders to be consulted and key informants to be interviewed (the team at Precise can conduct stakeholder consultation in Ethiopia)
  5. Analyze collected data and inputs  from relevant stakeholders
  6. Assess current electrification context and the required forex and working capital  finance needed
  7. Diagnose the demand side, supply side, policy, and regulatory barriers Challenges
  8.  Propose supportive policy recommendations and alternative financing mechanisms/vehicles based on the findings of the stu
  9. Develop draft off-grid financing report and summary presentation
  10.  Validate the findings and recommendations in consultation with key stakeholders
  11.  Revise and submit the final off-grid financing report and summary presentation to Precise Consult

1.4. Scope of the assignment

The study  will assess the financing for the Ethiopian  off-grid sector with a focus on forex and  working capital financing  for off-grid enterprises. Data  gathering and  analysis for the  study  will cover  financial  institutions, including

  • Commercial Banks (at least five)
  • The development bank of Ethiopia,
  • Government institutions including  the Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and  Energy (MoWIE) and  National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE)
  • Key Development partners and programs
  • Selected private solar companies

Further, the study  will also include  data  from other relevant  stakeholders to off-grid financing.

1.5. Methodology

The consultant is expected to conduct detailed analyses by zooming in to Off-grid access finance and foreign currency. And can leverage the desk review result as a starting point and can employ the following methods for conducting deeper analyses:

The methodology will involve but not  be limited  to in-depth document review, literature review, primary  data through key informants’ interviews,  review of experiences of other  countries, and communication with the PCI team. The consultant will be responsible for structuring, preparing key informants’ interviews questions/tools, and a list of stakeholders for interviews.

The method of analysis should be more focused on a deeper understanding of the prioritized issues by providing information on:

  • Facts to evidence the nature of the problems and opportunities,
  • Qualitative survey and research,
  • Alternative solutions,
  • Who has power/influence (formal & informal),
  • Identify measures taken  to address the issue by different stakeholders (government, Private  sector players, donors, Associations and intellectuals, etc.)
  • Potential allies, opponents & anticipated resistance,
  • Existing capacity & resources, etc.

1.6. Required  qualification

  • Advanced University degree in energy economics, finance,  business administration, engineering, or other related fields is desirable. A publication record  and additional years  of relevant work experience may be accepted instead of the advanced university degree.
  • A minimum of 7 (seven) years  of progressively responsible experience, in the area  of sustainable energy  consultancy, with four years  of experience in energy and finance-related fields, is required.
  • First-hand experience in dealing  with sustainable energy financing  solutions study/publication is required. Experience with national energy plans  and/or working experience
  • Strong  relationship with stakeholders in the Energy and Finance fields.

1.7. Deliverables and timeframe

The main  deliverable of the  assignment is a study  report  on Ethiopia’s Off-grid Energy Access Financing  that meets the objectives of the study  mentioned previously.  The report  will be written  in English and submitted in Microsoft Word and summary PowerPoint Formats. The assignment is expected to start on September, 2021, and be completed in 6 weeks.

Application: Applicants,  individually or in a team, should send one pager  showing proposed methodology and approach for the study  and  financial  proposal to the email with the subject line “Access Financing  Study”.

Deadline for application: Sept 03, 2021.