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Population Services International (PSI) is one of the world’s leading health market development organizations, working towards making it easier for people in the developing world to lead healthier lives and plan the families they desire by developing markets for affordable products and services.




PSI/Ethiopia leads USAID Transform WASH (T/WASH), a 6-year project to expand affordable market choices for households to build and improve water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities.  A major part of this work is to strengthen business management capacities of micro- and small-sized businesses, including masons/installers, small construction companies, retailers, and distributors.  This EOI is designed to attract a creative software designer/company interested in working with T/WASH to bring a business management app to market with a viable business model to serve such customers and generate revenue for the designer/company.


Product Need:

  • Extremely simple way to manage business finances, inventory, and sales (leads and purchases) on a mobile device (micro to small businesses) or computer (larger business, like a distributor)
  • Local language capability
  • Low subscription price and periodic payment method in local currency (e.g. mobile money)
  • Standard, basic reports for reviewing business status and making informed decisions
  • Business buy-in to the system (i.e. willingness to purchase and use over time)
  • Online and offline / syncing capabilities
  • Ability to share data with third party (like PSI with a customer / partner agreement)


Current Product Situation:

  • No local, simple solutions exist for micro to small business management. Off-the-shelf apps are oriented toward larger, western customers, in English, with no local payment methods or support
  • Back end (e.g. AWS, Google, Microsoft) can be expensive and complicated to maintain, so discussion is needed for selection of back-end / web services, as appropriate
  • Non-commercial development is possible but unsustainable with no provision for on-going sales, software updates, training or tech support.


Target businesses:

  • Small- to medium-sized product distributors
  • Micro businesses (sole entrepreneur selling very few products and services)
  • Small-sized businesses (few staff members, some inventory, several products and services)
  • Small retail businesses (such as local hardware shops)



App features for business management would start extremely simple but could be offered progressively as more complex, according to business type.  But, again, keeping it very simple, intuitive, and speedy to operate and keep current.  Will run on a basic smart phone, laptop, or computer as accessible and convenient to the size and complexity of business. Functions that should be considered:

  • Entry of sales leads (name, phone number, and product interest)
  • Basic sales data entry
  • Simple accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Customer and vendor management


PSI’s Support and Resources for Selected Partner:

Return on investment and product ownership will be the designer’s/company’s alone.  Your own investment of time and resources will be required to create a marketable, commercial software product that will be scalable and profitable for you.  T/WASH will support the selected, most qualified interested applicant, building on its business partnerships and knowledge of business needs, by providing the following:

  • Guidance on all aspects of functionality, most-requested capabilities, user interface, and business planning;
  • Consumer insights research, such as focus groups and product prototype testing with target customers;
  • Branding, marketing, sales and distribution, and customer service support.


PSI Ethiopia hereby invites eligible, qualified, and experienced companies to submit an “Expression of Interest” for this software product development collaboration, as per details mentioned above. Interested applicants are invited to submit their expression of interest along with the following information:

  • Detailed company profile which includes but is not limited to history of the company, years in business, range of products and services offered, contact details including email address
  • Verifiable experience in the engagement and provision of similar services demonstrating it has adequate exposure in work domain, particularly in the development of related software
  • Valid Business/Trade License, VAT certificate, Taxpayer Registration Certificate and other verifiable evidence demonstrating its eligibility to engage in similar business
  • List of clients and reference letters validating past performance, including performance certificates issued by other international organizations/clients, as relevant
  • Links to samples of work, including similar/relevant mobile applications.


Expressions of Interest must be submitted in sealed envelopes, clearly marked with the phrase Expression of Interest – Business App Solution at the address stated below no later than April 16, 2021.  


PSI Ethiopia considers an applicant’s qualification and experience, team profile, past performance, and the applicant’s proposed development process in terms of level of interest/priority to develop the product, plan of action, operating procedures, and start and end dates when shortlisting invitees. The shortlisted applicants might be invited for a short presentation, discussion and some revision to the application. Please note that a designer/company selected for collaboration with T/WASH on the basis of this EOI will not receive monetary compensation of any kind.  The purpose of this EOI, as stated, is to identify a partner interested in investing their own resources, with PSI/E support as detailed above, to create a product fully owned and commercialized by the selected partner.


PSI Ethiopia reserves the right to change or cancel these requirements at any time during this “Expression of Interest” process, and will under no circumstances, be responsible or liable for any and all costs associated with preparation and submission of this Expression of Interest.


PSI Ethiopia

Bole Sub City, Kebele 03/07 Namibia Street from Edna Mall to Bole Atlas hotel on the right side of the road. Adjacent to SOS International Villages 11th floor on METI Building Tel:- +251-11-6674820/78 or+251-11-6674607, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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