Repi Soap and Detergents Plc. invites Constructor BC/GC of minimum grade 4 and above



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  • Posted Date : 07/06/2021
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Warehouse Construction (Area =2400 Sq. Meter)


Repi Soap and Detergents Plc. is planning to do a 2400 Sq. Meter warehouse with height of 11-meter civil in the factory compound located at Ayer Tena Compound. The Majority of the civil work is foundation treatment, and concrete work for substructure and super structure with both steel and concrete.

The offer or shall be a registered BC/GC of minimum grade 4 and above with previous related experience of Warehouse construction works and/or new construction works and should present a business license valid for the current physical year.


Engineering services will be required for the following tasks:

  1. Preliminary Engineering Services

Conduct a site visit to verify existing conditions as well as gain an understanding of the project scope and collect relevant information and incorporate suggestions, recommendations, directions, and other requirements into the civil works

  1. Inspection for Quantity Surveying

Perform an inspection of existing condition do quantity surveying to obtain approximate quantity of each item of work for the proposed work and compare scope with issued documents in the RFQ.

  1. Support in Providing Drawings

Prepare and present drawings as required if there is a need to revise during execution for client review, comment and final approval.

  1. Execution, Monitoring and Management

Execute construction activity under the direct supervision of client staff. Assign competent qualified personnel for full time on-site construction monitoring and proper follow up of the activity. Execute construction work with quality, track quantities, record observations; inspect previously done works as required during current activity execution.

  1. Complying company health and safety regulations; and such compliance shall be deemed to form part of the contract between Repi Soap and Detergents and the contractor.

Request for Quotation Content

The RFQ shall include but not limited to the following:

  • Testimonies of eligibility criteria/business licenses of the firm
  • Financial capability supported with audited reports over a minimum of three years.
  • Cost Proposal-The cost proposal shall be presented with the proposed costs of each task of the work presented in the RFQ along with any additional expenses.
  • Testimonies/References for similar projects- the offeror shall provide information of similar works in size and scope to the work required under this RFQ to demonstrate past similar performance and capability.
  • Time to complete the project supported with proposed schedule.

The scope of works and related documents are attached to the bidder of this RFQ. The scope of works will be discussed in detail and scrutinized with the client before agreement.


Each RFQ will be reviewed by the company with respect to the intended scope of works, any additional items submitted by the offeror as well as the cost proposed and schedule supplied by the firm.

It is the intent of the client to select the qualified firm that supplies the best value to the Company.


The invited bidders need to present their financial and technical proposals separately in sealed envelopes.

The invited bidder shall bring to the attention of the employer any discrepancy which might exist between existing site condition, specification and corresponding work items for clarification before submission of the quotation. All questions regarding this Request for Quotation shall be documented in writing.

The company reserves the sole right to review the proposals/quotation submitted, waive any irregularities therein, and to select and/or reject any or all submissions in the best interest of the company.

Application Guidelines

  • RFQ from bidders should submit their bid security of 10,000(Ten thousand ETB) in the form of C.P.O or Certified Cheque
  • All bids must be submitted within the next 20 days effective after the announcement of this Bid
  • The detail of the work can be collected from Repi Soap and detergent plc and the bidder will pay 100 (hundred)Birr for document collection. (8:00AM-5:00PM, Monday -Friday)
  • All bidders should come with their flash or E-mail address for document collection
  • The bid document will be closed after 20 days effective the announcement of the bid day (4:00 PM)
  • Clarification Query can be forwarded
  • Repi Soap and detergent plc reserve the right to reject any bid or all bid prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to Bidder


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