Samaritan’s Purse invites sealed Quotes from eligible tenders for the requirement of Construction Work as follows



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  • Posted Date : 05/17/2021
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 05/17/2021


Samaritan’s Purse invites sealed Quotes from eligible tenders for the requirement of Construction Work as follows:


     Tender #


Tender Requirement Description

Shelter Quantity

Project Locations


Construction labor for 5.7m x 3.5m T-Shelter



Various Locations across Shire

 The wood structure will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Eucalyptus pole King post for Wall constructions D=10cm, L=6m
  • Eucalyptus pole wall purlin for Wall constructions D=8cm, L=6m
  • Roofing Nail (Cap Nail)
  • Eucalyptus pole for roof rafter truss of CIS for roof constructions D=10cm, L=4.5m
  • Eucalyptus pole for roof purlins D=8cm, L=6m
  • SP Blackout Tarp – 112 m2
  • Roofing Nails (Cap Nail)
  • Eucalyptus pole for Door D=8cm, L=4.m
  • 6″ T-hinges for door opening
  • 6″ pad bolt for door lock (internal & external)
  • Nail #4,6,8,10
  • Bonda
  • Rubber washer for roofing nails

Prices quoted shall be inclusive of labor (construction of shelter & treatment of eucalyptus poles), whilst the contractor shall cover all transportation cost to and from the work site. Indicate your desired payment Terms, price-quote validity timeline and delivery lead time along with your Individual/Company legal status documents (Company Registration, Business license, V.A.T. Registration Certificate &Taxpayer Registration Certificate).

All building materials shall be provided by SP and the contractor(s) shall take responsibility for providing all necessary tools and safety gear to his employees.

RFQs, scopes of work and shelter designs are obtainable from Samaritan’s Purse Shire office at the former Yordanos Hotel and the Addis Ababa office at Bole Medhanialem, next to the Mosaic Hotel, starting May 16, 2021 from 9:30am to 4:00 pm.

Instruction to bidder

Drop your stamped quotation in a sealed envelope with all the requested information in the tender box at our office in Shire at the former Yordanos Hotel or the Addis Ababa office at Bole Medhanialem next to the Mosaic Hotel, no later than 4:00pm May 25th, 2021. The envelope must be clearly labeled “Tender for Construction of Emergency Shelters – PR21-145-TIG”.

Unsealed or unmarked envelopes, late offers or incomplete offers will not be considered and will be automatically rejected.


All bids are received directly by the Tender committee. It is not possible to influence the decision or outcome except by offering the best value. No individual or group can influence this decision. No Samaritan’s Purse employee will solicit you outside this tender except if you are being awarded this tender.

 Your bid MUST clearly indicate the following

  • Currency of offer: ETB
  • Proposed timeline for delivery of the completed Shelter(s).

Conditions of bidding

  • Bids must be valid for minimum 60
  • Progressive payments will be made via cheque or wire transfer for completed Shelters with proper receipts and invoices.

Terms & Conditions

  • Samaritan’s Purse accepts no responsibility and is under no obligation to reimburse applicants for the costs associated with preparation of their applications;

            Time of delivery is very important; the supplier should therefore indicate a reasonable time for when delivery will be done, otherwise delay penalties will be strictly implemented and no time extension would be      granted unless for reasons beyond the supplier’s control.

  • Samaritan’s Purse reserves the right to award the most qualified provider (contractor) regardless of the lowest price
  • Samaritan’s Purse reserves the right to award to more than one bidder or to reject all applicants and cancel the solicitation at any

Only information contained in the sealed envelope will be considered from each bidder.

Please attach any additional information including but not limited to: cover letter, color photos/samples displaying proof of past performance and include in the sealed bid.

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