Selam Children’s Village (PASEWAY Project) invites interested bidders for the Purchase of the following



  • Category : Purchases
  • Posted Date : 11/30/2022
  • Phone Number : 0116462942
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 12/09/2022



Selam Children’s Village (PASEWAY Project) invites interested bidders for the Purchase of:-

  1. Raw materials for Furniture Making
  2. Different items of metals


  • The organization invites sealed bids from eligible bidders as per conditions specified hereunder.
    1. Renewed Trade License
    2. TIN Certificate
    • VAT Registration Certificate
    1. TAX clearance certificate
    2. Renewed practicing certificate
    3. All bidders price shall be before value added tax (VAT)
  • Bidders use the bid item list to fill their price in front of each item without any repetitive canceling (delete) mark, and put their seal and signature accordingly. Using other pricing sheet is not allowed.
  • Organization has the right to add or reduce items which are indicated in the bid document.
  1. Bidders shall submit sample for the specified items before the bid opening, but for the other items it should be according to the given specification.
  2. Filling price depending or referring others’ price is extremely forbidden.
  3. Bids shall be accompanied by a bid security amount of birr 10,000.00 (Ten Thousand) in cash or certified cheque /CPO/.
  • Bidders shall pay none returnable birr 100.00 (one hundred) to get the bid document.
  • Bidders’ document should fulfil; full address, business firm seal or stamp, bidder signature and other requirements.
  • A bidder who try to cheat, fraud or corrupt to distort the bid process will be accountable according to the National law.
  1. When bidders handing over the award letter they will sign an agreement that shows the activity of accomplishment.
  • If the organization gets a better opportunity it may cancel the bid partially or fully.
  • Bidders can collect the bid document (TOR) from Selam Children’s Village Head office located at Kotebe 02 near to Hana Mariyam church from December 1,2022
  • Bid documents must be submitted Financial proposals.
  • All bid documents will be collected up to December 8, 2022, 4:00PM.
  • The bid will be opened on Friday, December 9, 2022, 10:00 AM at Selam Children’s Village, Head office procurement department.
  • The bidder is responsible for payment of all taxes and duties payable to the Government.
  • Selam Children’s Village has the right to cancel all or part of the bid.


  • 011-646-29-42

Kotebe 02 Near to Hana Mariyam Church

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