Swiss Church Aid HEKS/EPER would like to invite interested potential bidders for the supply of the following NFI kits



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  • Posted Date : 09/28/2022
  • Phone Number : 0114705556
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  • Closing Date : 09/19/2022


Date: September 2022

     Bid Ref no: HEKS/EPER 001/2022


Swiss Church Aid/HEKS is the aid organization of the Protestant Churches of Switzerland and has its headquarters in Zurich/Switzerland. Swiss Church Aid/ HEKS works towards a more human and more equitable world, assisting people and communities to overcome economic, social or humanitarian disparities in order to gain autonomy and to live with dignity both in Switzerland and abroad. Therefore, Swiss Church Aid/ HEKS engage in development cooperation, humanitarian aid and church cooperation and runs around 200 projects. Swiss Church Aid/ HEKS is a member of the ACT Alliance. In Ethiopia, Swiss Church Aid/ HEKS has programmes with focus on Natural Resources Management, WASH, and Inclusive Markets for Smallholder Pastoralists and Farmers and Humanitarian Assistance for drought and conflict affected communities.

Swiss Church Aid HEKS/EPER would like to invite interested potential bidders for the supply of the following NFI kits to supply and distribute to beneficiaries in Moyale, Yabello and Dubuluk districts of Borana Zone, Oromia Regional State. The purpose of this procurement is provisions of emergency for 1500 households. The cost to be presented by supplier should include cost of transportations to the centers of the targeted kebeles in the three districts as indicated in the remark column of the below table.

Statement of Requirements

No Description (Materials) Unit Qty Unit cost with vat

including transportation

to the site



Remarks (Centers to which the items will be distributed) at the 3 districts
1 Jerry can 20L, rigid plastic, non-collapsible Number 1,500   Required 1.Yabello:


·         Yabello to Dikale kebele 35 Km and

·          Yabello to Hara Weyu 30 km




·         Dubuluk town to Anole Kebele 35 km and

·         Fulo bika kebele 30 km


 3. Moyale:


·         Bokila, Dambi saphante and Bika kebeles are along the main asphalt road while

·         Mado kebele is 10 km from main road and

·         Dambi hara is 5 km from main road

2 Jerry can 10L, rigid plastic, non-collapsible Number 1,500    


3 Bucket Rigid plastic container,20 liter Number 1,500   Required
4 Washing basin stainless steel #60cm Number 1,500   Required
5 Soap for personal use-200gm Number 22,500   Required
6 Soap for Laundary-250gm Number 22,500   Required
7 Hessian Bag 100kg capacity Number 1,500   Required
8 Dignity kit/washable sanitary pad 4, underwear small-3, medium-3, large-3, laundry soap-1, body soap-1, solay lamp bag-1/


Number 1,500   Required


HEKS/EPER hereby invites potential Bidders to submit their Price offer including transportation costs.

  1. Companies should also submit their profile that includes at least legal documentations (Renewed trade license and up to date tax payment certificate, Taxpayer registration certificate, VAT registration certificate, Tax clearance from compete tax office, Manufacturer’s authorization to participate etc.) and importantly experience in providing related items in the area listed above. Experience can be expressed in the form of letter of recommendation from previous customers.
  2. The price will include the transportation cost to the centers at Moyale, Yabello and Dubuluk districts of Borana Zone, Oromia Regional State.
  3. Ability to deliver the required amount and quality of the items at the right time and place.
  4. The delivery will be in two weeks, within 14 days from the date of signing contract
  5. Good experience on supplying all required quantities & quality of the items as per the request.
  6. Machine fiscals print out receipts with FS number and attachment or cash sales invoice which has printing permission from ERCA).
  7. The financial and technical proposals submitted by bidders should bear the official seal of the firm and be signed by the authorized personnel.
  8. The bidders should include the VAT cost on the total or total price
  9. All pages of the bid document must have an official seal and address of the bidder. Documents without these will not be accepted.
  10. All Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Bond of 10,000 ETB/Ten thousand birr/ in C.P.O issued from bank only.
  11. All document certificates, handwriting should be neat, visible, readable and validated
  12. All bidders who have valid licenses for the current year can obtain a complete set of bidding document from HEKS/EPER Country office around St. Bisrate Gabriel Church area near to save the Children, Addis Ababa during working hours upon payment of non-refundable fee of Birr 00 (Two hundred birr only) during working hours.
  13. Bids should be clearly marked “NFI kit with Transportation” and submitted to the HEKS/EPER Ethiopia

Bid period/floating time: From September 18/2022-September 28/2022. Bidders can get the bid document from Monday to Friday during office hours from HEKS/EPER Office, Addis Ababa.

Date and time of bid close: Tuesday September 28,2022 at 11:30 AM in the morning.

Date and time of bid opening: The bid will be opened in the presence of bidders or their official delegates on Tuesday September 28, 2022, @ 3:00 PM in the afternoon.

                   Address: HEKS/EPER Ethiopia

                   N/S/L Woreda 3,0655 street, house no 330

                   Around St. Bisrate Gabriel Church 1st floor of AACC Building

                   Addis Ababa

                  Telephone +251-114705556

HEKS/EPER Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject the bid entirely or partially.