The Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations (CEHRO) invites competent consultant/s to apply to this call.



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  • Posted Date : 06/05/2021
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  • Closing Date : 06/12/2021


Expression of Interest – For Development of Standardized Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) Manual


CEHRO is a local CSO which was registered on the 16th of March 2018 (re-registered as per 1113/2019 with registration number 3932). From its establishment, CEHRO has been determined and working for the advancement of human rights protection in Ethiopia by creating a common platform for human rights CSOs to articulate their voices and launch well-articulated and evidence-based advocacy. CEHRO works to expand the space for human rights CSOs and continue engagement with stakeholders’ building the capacity of existing and emerging human rights organizations to ensure effective human rights and democratic governance works. CEHRO as a consortium is an umbrella that reaches CSOs to engage, participate in the productive development and realization of democracy and human rights developing in the country.

The Call

The Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations (CEHRO), in collaboration with Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Development and Disabilities (PADD) is planning to develop a standardized manual on Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) with the aim of distributing among CSOs for their reference and use in their works and projects, and to integrate the HRBA in their everyday activity.  To this end, CEHRO invites competent consultant/s to apply to this call.

Applicant Qualifications

  1. LLM in Human Rights or International Human Rights Law and minimum 3 years of experience in researching, analysis, reviewing projects relating to Human rights.
  2. Solid experience and extensive knowledge in Human Rights Based Approach
  3. Relevant experience in preparing human rights related or other guiding manuals
  4. Excellent knowledge and understanding of legal, socio-economic, political and cultural context of the country.
  5. Excellent written and spoken skills in Amharic and English.
  6. Excellent research, analytical and communication skills.
  7. Relevant experience on design and/or monitoring and evaluation of projects relating to Human rights

How to apply

Interested and qualified applicants should send their expression of interest (EI) to the following email: no later than Wednesday June 9, 2021. CEHRO will send the TOR of this call after receiving the (EI) from the interested consultant. CEHRO expects the consultant to submit the necessary documents as stated in TOR no later than Saturday June 12, 2021 to be considered for this call.

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