The Democracy and Rule of Law Policy Study Center at PSI would like to employ two potential consultants



  • Category : Baseline Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 11/21/2022
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 11/25/2022






The Democracy and Rule of Law Policy Study Center at PSI would like to employ two potential consultants (one lead researcher, and one Research Assistant/Researcher) who can work jointly with the center to conduct nationwide research entitledDimensions of Understanding Ethnic Minorities and Protection of their Rights in Ethiopia: Law and Practice.”  

  1. Scope

Ethiopia, as a nation composed of more than 80 nations, nationalities, and peoples and no single group making up a majority, the understanding of the concept of minority and the protection bestowed on them both at federal and regional levels deserves a thorough investigation.  The research, therefore, will dwell on understanding the international and national dimensions of the rights and protection of the ethnic minority. Hence, the legal protection accorded to the ethnic minorities under the FDRE constitution, regional constitutions and subordinate laws will be examined. Furthermore, beyond the textual protection and with the view of exploring the implementation of these rights, the inclusiveness of government institutions and the effective participation of ethnic minorities in the federal and regional institutions (judicial, executive and legislative) and efforts to guarantee their rights to non-discrimination and equality of opportunities will be investigated.

  1. Objectives of the Research

The specific objectives of the research are to:

  • Review diverse dimensions of understanding ethnic minorities and manifestations of the rights in the Ethiopian context
  • Examine the comprehensiveness or otherwise of the legal protection accorded to ethnic minorities under the FDRE Constitution, regional constitutions and other laws,
  • Assess the level of implementation of the rights of ethnic minorities, particularly in Ethiopia,
  • Identify policy, legal and implementation gaps and recommend remedies
  1. Methodology

Subject to a discussion that will be made with the consultants, this study will be conducted through a qualitative technique. Hence, as necessary, the usual qualitative data collection tools: interview, key informant interview, focus group discussion, document analysis and survey will be employed to collect field data.

  1. Job Description (Activities)

The following will be the responsibilities of the consultants:

  • Finalize the research proposal
  • Develop the necessary data collection tools
  • Prepare training manual for data collectors
  • Train data collectors
  • Supervise field data collection
  • Develop draft analysis of findings
  • Present the draft analysis on a validation workshop
  • Incorporate feedback from the workshop on the draft analysis
  • Present the final research finding in a closing workshop
  • Submit the final analysis
  • Develop a summary of findings and recommendations in Amharic language
  • Develop policy brief (policy document) in Amharic language
  • Develop at least one publishable journal article either in Amharic or English language
  1. Deliverables
  • Inception report
  • Revised Full-fledged Proposal
  • Data collection tools
  • Data collectors training manual
  • First draft of the field data analysis
  • Second draft of the field data analysis
  • Final version of the field data analysis
  • Brief summary of the research findings and recommendations for policymakers’ consumption in Amharic language
  • Policy brief in Amharic language
  • One publishable journal article
  1. Qualification for consultants
Specialization of Researchers Qualification Position Required Number
Constitutional Law, Federalism, Human Rights PhD Lead researcher 1
Constitutional Law, Federalism, Political Science, Public Administration, Human Rights LL.M. or MA and above Research Assistant/ Researcher 1

Applicants for the lead researcher position should have a terminal degree in the field of constitutional law or federalism. The prospective consultant must be someone who has published at least five manuscripts on the subject and done his/her PhD dissertation on the subject matter of this research agenda. Similarly, the research assistant or researcher has also published at least once on the subject and written his/her LL.M. thesis on the subject matter of this research agenda.

Applicants for both positions should have teaching and research experiences in government universities or he/she can also be a researcher in research institutions.

NB: A prior consultancy experience in Policy Study Institute (PSI) would be beneficial.

  1. Service fee

It is as per the Institute’s scale.

  1. Duration

Consultants should accomplish every deliverable by 30 June 2023.

  1. Application Submission

Applicants should submit their CV and credentials in person to the Office of Human Resource Development Directorate Director at the Policy Study Institute, in front of the national stadium, next to Betezata Hospital in five consecutive working days following its announcement in newspapers.