The Development Bank of Ethiopia Intends to Sale in a public auction the vehicles



  • Category : Vehicle Sale
  • Posted Date : 10/23/2022
  • Phone Number : 0115522469
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 11/30/2022


Auction Announcement

The Development Bank of Ethiopia Intends to Sale in a public auction the vehicles that it has repossessed in Pursuant to Proclamation No. 97/98 and 1147/2019 from Else Addis industrial Development PLC, which is located in Oromia regional state, Adama Town, Kebele 05.


Sr No List of properties and Vehicles Quantity Description/ Model ፣Power and  Type/ Initial Auction Price (In Birr) Level

of auction

Date and Time of auction
1 Backhoe Loader 1 Model 3CX, Plate number ሥከ-LD-0760,  Motor  number 5B320/ 40064U3287807, Chassis No JCB3CX4TC81336179 16,354,556.25 first November  30, 2022 from 10:30 AM up to 12:30 AM
2 Truck 1 Model 3848, Plate number  3-65757 ET,  Chassis No:-WDB9341614K83157
3 Tipper Truck 1 Model 6438E, Plate number 3-42286 ET,  Motor  number :-099478, Chassis No:- ZCNH864387P542260
4 Crane 1 Model 190E31, Plate number 3-47786 ET,  Motor  number :-821022V*802, Chassis No:- WJMB1VNS00C119259
5 Shower Truck 1 Model 160-17, Plate number 3-42294 ET,  Motor  number :-467535, Chassis No:- WJMA3GMS009024142
6 Pick up 1 Model TTC-AD2-M50, Plate number

3-21379 OR,  Motor  number :4D56BM2379

, Chassis No:- MMBJNKB409D036263

7 Pick up 1 Model TGN161-PRMDKU, Plate number

3-47790 ET, Motor  number :2TR-6989399

, Chassis No:- MROEX1968B3076902

8 Truck 1 Model 33-373DFT, Plate number 3-65755 ET, Chassis No:- WMAT482179M237057
9 Mixer Truck 1 Model 3031, Plate number 3-47788 ET

, Chassis No:- NMB3733855028002

10 Low bed 1 Plate number 3-08833  ET, Chassis No:-


11 Mixer Truck 1 Model 3031, Plate number 3-47787ET

, Chassis No:- NME37133855013287

12 Truck 1 Model 6438E, Plate number 3-42287 ET,

Engine no:- 096921, Chassis No: ZCNH864387P542258

13 Cotton trailer 1 Model DEGUL, Plate number 3-16012 ET, Chassis No: NP9AT311NAE302501
14 Roller Compactor 1 Model CA25S, Plate number ሥከ-CM-0649,Engine No 9705065, Chassis No: 98167
15 Cotton trailer 1 Plate number 3-16011 ET, Chassis No:


16 Loader 1 Model 966H, Plate number ሥከ-LD-1017

, Engine no:- RSX04618, Chassis No: CAT0966HCA6D00552

17 Tipping Truck 1 Model 370, Plate number 3-47784 ET, Chassis No: VF633kKVC0SE102909


  • Bidders shall submit 25 % (twenty five percent) of the floor price only in CPO as an earnest.
  • The Bank shall sell all the Vehicles as a package (cherry picking is not allowed) and fully in cash.
  • The winner shall pay the total auction price within 15(Fifteen) calendar days. Failure to pay within the specified time period shall be the cause for the loss of the earnest price and cancellation of the award. Besides, the winner shall also be held responsible for the shortfall that may occur during the re-auctioning of the property.
  • CPO of non-winner bidders will be returned back.
  • Only the borrower or his legal representative, bidders or their legal representative and concerned government organs will be allowed to attend the auction process that takes place at the factory site located at Oromia Regional State, Adama town , kebele 05, on the date & time specified in the table above.
  • A winner should clear-off the vehicle from the vicinity of the Bank within 10/Ten/ consecutive calendar days.
  • The winner is expected to pay 15% VAT (Fifteen Percent Value Added Tax), and all other legal and administrative & title transfer fees and charges that are associated with the sale.
  • Some Vehicles have been imported duty free and a winner is obliged to pay all necessarily taxes if any or submit a matching duty free privilege.
  1. Interested and eligible bidders may obtain more information from the Development Bank of Ethiopia Project Rehabilitation and Loan Recovery Directorate 2nd Tower 3rd Floor or through telephone 011-552-24-69/011-524-53-73. The Bank can arrange a pre-scheduled visit for interested bidders, at factory site where the vehicle stands at, up on prior notice to the Directorate.
  2. The Bank reserves the right to cancel the auction partially or fully.

                                                                               THE DEVELOPMENT BANK OF ETHIOPIA