The Federation of Ethiopian Associations of Persons with Disabilities Calls for Applications to Conduct Inclusion Assessment on Legal Frameworks



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  • Posted Date : 05/27/2021
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Call for Applications to Conduct Inclusion Assessment on Legal Frameworks

1. Background

The Federation of Ethiopian Associations of Persons with Disabilities (FEAPD) is an umbrella network of national and regional disability organizations/associations. The vision of FEAPD is to see a disability inclusive socio-economic environment in Ethiopia and also its mission is to help persons with disabilities (PWDs) in averting disability related problems and improve their lives.

Currently, the Federation of Ethiopian Associations of Persons with Disabilities (FEAPD), received funding from theNational Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) to implement a six month project entitled ‘’Observing the Upcoming Ethiopian National Elections to Ensure the Fundamental Political Rights and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in the Electoral Process.’’. The project aims to increase the participation of persons with disabilities in electoral and political processes at the national and regional levels.

As part of the pre-election process, FEAPD would like to conduct an assessment and inclusion analysis on the Ethiopian Electoral law, Political Parties Registration and Elections Code of Conduct Proclamation No. 1162/2019 and the administrative rules and regulations that govern the conduct of elections to ensure that persons with disabilities can effectively and fully participate in political and public life on an equal basis with others, directly or through freely chosen representatives, including the right and opportunity for persons with disabilities to vote and be elected.

2. Objectives of the assignment

The overall objective of the inclusion assessment is to look at the key legal barriers and opportunities that exist for persons with disabilities in Ethiopia to participate in electoral and political processes. Under this general objective, consultant is expected to:

  • Assess and analyze the extent of inclusiveness of the Electoral, Political Parties Registration and Elections Code of Conduct (in light of international law) including the administrative rules or regulations that govern the conduct of elections pertaining to persons with disabilities inclusion in the Ethiopian electoral processes;
  • Assess and review relevant legislations, political party constitutions and manifestos (where available) and other relevant documents, such as the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) and other international conventions.
  • Identify and assess effectiveness of relevant directives (for example – VR directive, election day procedure, etc.) with respect to the inclusion of PWDs in the electoral process and their compatibility with the Constitution and election law. The capacity of these laws and directives to facilitate access to the process will also be assessed.
  • Identify major gaps and challenges that are facing persons with disabilities to effectively and independently participate.

3.Scope of work

Ethiopia has ratified all major instruments and treaties relevant to the organization and management of elections. These treaties require all stakeholders to act accordingly and accountability and fulfill the provisions transparently. The Inclusion Assessment on Legal Frameworks will assess the obligation and commitment of Ethiopia towards the implementation of the aforementioned provisions. Moreover, it shall indicate progress made thus far by the Ethiopian government. The Inclusion Assessment on Legal Frameworks shall also be the foundation for the continued advocacy efforts of actors in the disability movement to hold the Ethiopian government accountable to ensuring the full and effective implementation of the CRPD and other inclusion and disability rights framework in Ethiopia. As part of the deliverables, the consultant is expected to present the report at a workshop to be organized by FEAPD and validate the findings with the feedback thereofthe review and assessment of various legal frameworks to be done through the lens of global, continental and regional charters/protocols and conventions in which the Ethiopia is signatory to.


To prepare the Inclusion Assessment on Legal Frameworks, the consultant(s) are expected to propose a comprehensive and effective methodology that enables them to produce high quality, comprehensive, and practical deliverables. 

  1. Deliverables

The consultant will be expected to submit the following deliverables:

  • Submitan inception plan or approach to conduct the assessment and inclusion analysis of legal frameworks.
  • Collect relevant legal documents (Ethiopian Electoral law, Political Parties Registration and Elections Code of Conduct including the administrative rules or regulations that govern the conduct of elections) and analyze for disability inclusion in line with international law and frameworks including the CRPDs
  • Identify the gaps in the country’s electoral laws and other legal frameworks which undermine the full participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities.
  • Prepare and submit a draft report of the assessment results and analysis including the recommendations to the team assigned by FEAPD for approval/validation.
  • A PowerPoint presentation to be used during the validation workshops.
  • Take and incorporate the necessary feedback given by the team during the validation workshop in relation to the assessment results.
  • Submit the final report both in hard and soft copy to FEAPD.

6. Duration of Assignment

The Inclusion Assessment on Legal Frameworks must be completed within five (5) days from signing of the contract. The workshop will be organized after the submission of the draft report of the assessment results and analysis and will not count within the duration.

7. Working Location

The consultant/s will be expected to work from their convenient location. Nonetheless, the consultant(s) are expected to gather data from all concerned bodies at national and regional levels or from concerned ministerial offices.

8.Job Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum of a master’s degree or equivalent in international law and/or human rights or similar and relevant fields of study. Specialization on disability rights is an added advantage.
  • Minimum of five (5) years of experience in disability rights, knowledge around elections and/or political participation, disability consultation, working with disability organizations and similar activities.
  • The applicant(s) are required to have developed at least one disability rights advocacy document.
  • In-depth knowledge of disability rights and the CRPD provisions.
  • Highly professional in researching, synthesizing, analyzing and writing skills.
  • A good command of written and spoken English language
  • ** Applicants that do not fulfil the above requirements need NOT apply**

9. How to Apply

I.     Application Information

1.General Information

  • Technical proposals should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
  • Financial proposals must be submitted in Microsoft Excel document.
  • The financial proposal should indicate all professional and admin costs in detail
  • All required documents must be zipped in one folder before submission
  • Subject line of the application e-mail must be: “Application to Inclusion Assessment on Legal Frameworks”

2.Federation of Ethiopian Association of Persons with Disabilities (FEAPD) has the right to:

  • Contact any or all references supplied by the applicant(s);
  • Request additional supporting or supplementary data (from the applicant(s);
  • Arrange interviews with the applicant(s);
  • Reject any or all proposals submitted;
  • Accept any proposals in whole or in part;
  • Negotiate with the service provider(s) who has/have attained the best rating/ranking, i.e. the one(s) providing the overall best value proposal(s);
  • Contract any number of candidates as required to achieve the overall objectives


 After the bid opening, each proposal will be assessed first on its quality, technical quality (70%)and financial proposal (30%). Technical proposal score must be above 50% in order to open financial proposal. The proposal with the best overall value, composed of technical merit and price, will be considered for final approval. FEAPD uses its procurement committee to lead the overall process review and evaluate bids and make a decision based on the criteria listed.

4.Application Documents to be submitted

  • Interested applicants should submit:
  • Trade registration and consultancy license
  • Tax payer identity ( TIN) registration certificate
  • VAT(value added tax) registration certificate
  • Tax clearance certificate from concerned revenue office
  • Certificate for best performance in similar assignments
  • Application letter
  • Technical Proposal in MS Word Format (in English)
  • Resume or Company Profile
  • Financial proposal with detailed cost breakdown (should be separate from technical proposal and must be in Microsoft Excel).
  • Copy of highest educational qualification earned (degree/diploma)
  • Any application that doesn’t include any one of the above requirements and does NOT adhere to the application information under paragraph 10 will be disqualified.

II. Eligibility

Individual(s), organizations, associations, or companies are eligible to apply for this consultancy service.

III.Applications must be submitted to:

Applicants MUST submit their applications to the email address:

IV. Application Deadline

All applications must be submitted by June 4, 2021 – 5:30 PM Ethiopian local time.

V. Clarification:

Please email all requests for clarification to: — before June 4, 2021 – 5:30 Ethiopian local time.

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