The Information and Telecommunication Technology Policy Study Center under PSI would like to employ one potential researcher



  • Category : Baseline Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 10/23/2022
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 10/28/2022





The Information and Telecommunication Technology Policy Study Center under PSI would like to employ one potential researcher who can work jointly with the Center to conduct a nationwide research entitled “Internet Services Maturity of EthioTelecom: Impacts on the Internet Economy and Identification of Areas for Improvement with Policy Recommendations”.



Telecommunication is the heart of digital services and secure network strategies; and workflows are important to deliver Internet-economy services. Every telecommunication sector is continuously evolving due to the ever-changing customer demand and technological advancements in order to create better digital economy. However, technology advancements bring digital disruption challenges which constraints telecommunication. Some disruption causes are cyber-attack; lack of digital literacy, network quality; poor integration and interoperability with financial institutions, high cost, and resistance to change in technology among staff and customers. As a result, many telecommunications` operators find it difficult to decide where to start their digital transformation journey.

In developing countries like Ethiopia, the problems are even greater and widely visible resulting in Internet Poverty. For this reason, we want to evaluate Ethiotelecom in terms of customers, strategies, organizational structure and culture, technology, operations, and data dimensions to respond early to undesirable disruptions or adapt to a changing environment to gain a competitive advantage. Thus, in this study, we will assess and analyze the Internet maturity of Ethiopia’s telecommunications sector to identify areas of critical gaps and provide policy recommendations.

Objectives of the Research

This research has intended to meet the following objectives:

  • Identify the ultimate causes of digital disruptions
  •  To assess the current Internet maturity of Ethiotelecom in the aspect of   customer, strategies, organization and culture, operations, technology and data dimensions
  • To assess the Internet usage coverage and difference levels: digital urban-rural divide.
  • Conduct a thorough stakeholder mapping
  • Assess the overall system of telecommunication practices in Ethiopia and identify implementation gaps to draw possible policy interventions


Primary and secondary data will be collected and both quantitative and qualitative approaches will be employed to analyze the data and appropriate and rigorous descriptive and empirical analysis methods will be employed as required in meeting the objectives of the study.

Major Job Description (Activities)

The Researcher is required to;

  • Study and analyses 3G, 4G 5G and beyond for Internet Poverty Reduction purpose.
  • Research on various aspects (e.g. requirements, constraints, performance) of telecom systems
  • Leading or contributing to technical reports and delivering technical presentations
  • Leading technical work packages with the participation of industrial and academic partners from Ethiopia
  • Contributing to research proposals
  • Collaborating with Policy studies Institute technical teams or individuals of various backgrounds
  • Undertaking intensive theoretical and empirical review of related literature;
  • Conduct experiments on test-beds of known telecommunications technologies and security issues on Nokia, Ericson, ZTE and Huawei technologies.
  • Configuring and analyzing telecom mobile networks both in the base station sub-system (BSS) and network switching sub-system (NSS).
  • Identify policy gaps in relation to governance of Ethiopian Telecommunication in Ethiopia;
  • Conduct a stakeholder mapping study;
  • Conduct a bench marking study;
  • Participate in research methodology design development and data collection;
  • Conduct data analysis;
  • Develop draft analysis of findings
  • Present the draft analysis on validation workshop
  • Incorporate comments and feedbacks and prepare final draft
  • Present the final research finding in a closing workshop
  • Submit the final document with recommendations and policy briefs
  • Writing up original research for publication or for presentation at conferences;


  • Datasets
  • First draft of compiled study
  • Final version of the compiled study
  • Brief summary of the research findings and
  • Recommendations and policy brief

Qualification for Researchers

Specialization of Researchers Qualification Position Required Number
Telecommunications Engineering(MSC) and  Telecommunications Engineering(PHD)  or Computer Science and Electrical Engineering(PhD) PhD Senior Lead researcher 1


Applicants for the lead researcher position should have telecommunications engineering (Bsc) and a PhD degree in the respective specialization areas and teaching and research experiences e in government universities and telecommunication Industry experience as well as at least 20 publications in reputable journals. For the senior researcher position applicants should have wireless and wired network experience with high level of expertise in statistical analysis using different software’s (R skill is mandatory). For this positions solid research experience with publications and practical experience in survey data analysis using standardized qualitative and quantitative data analysis software’s is required.

NB: Female applicants are highly encouraged.

Professional fee: will be as per the rate of Policy Studies Institute

Duration:  The duration of the research service is 60 days (2 months) after the signing of the agreement between the researcher and PSI. However, the following condition needs to be met during the life time of the agreement.

  1. The researcher should accomplish every deliverable within three months as of the date of agreement.
  2. The payment shall be made after deliverables are submitted and particulars will be determined in the contractual agreement.

Application Submission

Applicants should submit their CV and credentials in person to the Office of Human Resource Development Directorate Director at Policy Study Institute, in front of national stadium, next to Betezata Hospital in five consecutive working days following the announcement in newspaper.

email: [email protected]