The Liability and Asset Management Corporation (LAMC) seeks to engage the service of a reputable and technically qualified firm



  • Category : Financial Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 09/10/2021
  • Phone Number : 0115244042
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 09/28/2021


Liability and Asset Management Corporation

Invitation for National Competitive Bid


The Liability and Asset Management Corporations invites competent, eligible and reputable institution/firm to render consulting service on Organizational Development

Country:   Ethiopia

Sector: Consultancy Service


The Liability and Asset Management Corporation (LAMC) is established on 24th February 2021 by the Council of Ministers Regulation No 483/2021 with an Authorized Capital of ETB 570 Billion and Paid Up capital of ETB 142 Billion.

The Corporation is mainly responsible to take over the liabilities of public enterprises as per the list it receives from the Ministry of Finance and service the debt using capital to be allocated from the Industrial Development Fund, revenue generated from its business activities. Moreover, it also have the responsibility to take over the residual assets and liabilities of public enterprises, invest the capital injected by the government for debt service payment, render debt collection and management service to other creditors, takeover and manage public assets that may be assigned to it by the government, and transform Property of public enterprises that are not put in use into income generating ventures.

Therefore, LAMC seeks to engage the service of a reputable and technically qualified firm with extensive experience in developing Strategic Plan, Organizational Structure, Manning requirement, Job Description and specification, Job evaluation and Grading, and Salary Scale.

Description of the Assignment

The consultant is expected to develop Strategic Plan, Organizational Structure, Manning Requirement, Job Description and Specification, Job Evaluation & Grading, Salary Scale of LAMC based on the mandate stipulated on the establishment regulation.


The consulting institution/firm shall be accountable for formulating strategic plan of the corporation, prepare feasible organizational structure, and define Jobs, job description and specification, conduct job evaluation, grading and salary scale construction. The deliverables are presented in the following phases, forms and compositions:

  • An inception Report: The inception report should be prepared by the service provider before starting a full-fledged study of the strategic planning, organizational structure and Jobs & structures. The Inception report will detail the service providers understanding of
    • The objective of the corporation as set out on the establishment regulation.
    • What are the Liability and Asset Management industry and its business model?
    • Ensure best practices by conducting benchmarking process.
    • Design principle of the Organization structure.
  • Draft Report: This report must include strategic plan at least for five years, organizational structure proposal at least with three alternatives of the organizational structure, Manning Requirement by each department/working unit, Job description & specification for all jobs, and Job Evaluation, Job Grading, salary scale study with recommendation.
  • A Final Report: This report shall be prepared based on the comments and feedback provided by the Executive Management and Board of Directors of the corporation. Thus the consulting intuition/firm is responsible to deliver high quality and up to standard:
    • Strategic plan of the Corporation;
    • Organizational Structure Proposal i.e. with full functional descriptions of each working unit and three proposed organogram alternatives with merits and demerits ;
    • Manning Requirement of the Corporation by each Department;
    • Job Description and specification for all jobs;
    • Job Evaluation and Job Grading Proposal ; and
  • Salary scale study.

Technical Requirement

The consulting institution should fulfill the following technical criteria

  • Be a professional consulting  institution/firm of excellent repute and have sufficient qualification and experience in the following areas :
  • Well-established experience and credentials in the area of corporate/bank debt restructuring/resolution and asset management companies engaged in such debt resolution;
  • Have a track record of engagement in setting up/managing/advising asset management companies;
  • Developing corporate operational and financial restructuring/rehabilitation plans, resolution of distressed corporate debts/non-performing loans from creditors’ perspective;
  • Have well-established experience in designing long term strategic plan ; and
  • Have experience in designing organizational structure, setting manning requirement, preparing Job Description and Specification; and
  • Have experience in job revaluation, grading and salary scale study.
  • The institution/firm should have successfully undertaken/executed a consulting assignment related to each consulting areas during the last five years;
  • The Institution/firm shall have a minimum of 10 years’ consulting experience in the defined areas;
  • Relevant experience in implementing strategies, policies, process and procedures related with asset and debt management;
  • Good understanding of the Ethiopian economic, financial and other relevant sectorial polices;
  • Excellent report writing and good command of both spoken and written English;

Application process

  1. Interested bidders are required to submit together with their bid documents;
    • Renewed Trade License
    • TIN Certificate
    • VAT Registration Certificate for domestic bidders.
    • Valid Tax clearance certificate
    • Registration Certificate from responsible public body
  1. Interested bidders may Purchase a complete set of bidding documents beginning from September 13, 2021 upon payment of a non-refundable Birr 500.00 (Five hundred only) to Development Bank of Ethiopia, Customer Accounts Transaction Service Office, Tower I, 1st floor and collect the bid documents from Goods and Service Procurement Team, Tower II, 5th floor
  2. The amount of Bid bond is Birr 30,000.00 (Thirty Thousand only). The Bid Bond shall be submitted in the form of Bank guarantee or C.P.O. from recognized local Banks.
  3. Bids will be closed on September 28, 2021 at 10:00 AM. and will be opened in DBE head office Tower two 5th floor  Executive Management meeting hall, in the presence of interested bidders and/or their official representatives, who wishes to attend the opening ceremony, on September 28, 2021 at 10:05 A.M.
  4. The Consultant should prepare and submit technical & financial proposal in separate envelopes. The technical proposal must be clear adhering to the timeframe defined in the bid document.
  5. Bidders Must Sign & Seal all bid documents including anti-bribery pledge form which is attached with bid document & submit with original technical bid documents.
  6. Interested bidders may obtain further information from Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) Head Office, Property and Facility Management Directorate Procurement Team, Tower II, 5th floor, Tel. +251 115244042, +251 11 5506020, ext. 204/805; Fax +251 11 553 7982.

The Corporation reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

Note:Please note that on the Behalf of Liability and Asset Management Corporations, Development Bank of Ethiopia will facilitate the procurement process of the consultancy service.