The Poverty and social welfare Policy Study Center under PSI would like to employ one potential consultant



  • Category : Baseline Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 10/23/2022
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 10/28/2022





The Poverty and social welfare Policy Study Center under PSI would like to employ one potential consultant who can work jointly with the Center to conduct a nationwide research entitled “Causes, Challenges and Opportunities of International Migration in Ethiopia:  Search for Policy options.”



The issue of international migration has been the center of public attention and debate in recent periods, with migration becoming main geopolitical agenda affecting increasing number of countries national security, economy and social order. Migration has been seen as a source of opportunities for people to improve their lives. In line with this it is being considered as one of the coping strategy to overcome livelihood challenges such as poverty, unemployment, discrimination, insecurity and lack of opportunities in Ethiopia.  As international migration is shaped by a variety of complex and interconnected factors, researchers in the area perceive that the decision to migrate cannot be pinned down to a single cause. Why migrants choose irregular ways in the presence of the formal route is another major question that needs a deeper assessment. Migration affecting all areas of life ‒ social, economic and political and extending beyond one country and engaging multiple stakeholders, analyzing migration is a relevant issue as well as complicated. Accordingly, policy interventions should try to address all sides of the problem and be well articulated. Categorizing intervention instruments based on the different types of causes, institutional capacity building, pro-poor socio economic policy reforms as well as stakeholder screening, mobilization and involvement could be the focus of international migration studies to extract impactful policy options, which the current study intends to do.

Objectives of the Research

This research has intended to meet the following objectives:

  • Identify the ultimate causes of international migration
  • Assess the attitude and awareness of potential migrants and communities towards international migration.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities related with international migration
  • Conduct a thorough stakeholder mapping
  • Assess the overall system of irregular migration practices in Ethiopia and identify implementation gaps  to draw possible policy interventions


Primary and secondary data will be collected and both quantitative and qualitative approaches will be employed to analyze the data and appropriate and rigorous descriptive and empirical analysis methods will be employed as required in meeting the objectives of the study.

Major Job Description (Activities)

The consultant is required to;

  • Undertake intensive theoretical and empirical review of related literature;
  • Conduct an assessment on magnitude of regular and irregular migrants over time (trends, routes and practices) and produce a comparative analysis document;
  • Identify policy gaps in relation to governance of international migration in Ethiopia;
  • Conduct a stakeholder mapping study;
  • Conduct a bench marking study;
  • Conduct data analysis;
  • Develop draft analysis of findings;
  • Present the draft analysis on validation workshop;
  • Incorporate comments and feedbacks and prepare final draft;
  • Present the final research finding in a closing workshop;
  • Submit the final document with recommendations and policy briefs;


  • First draft of compiled study
  • Final version of the compiled study
  • Brief summary of the research findings and
  • Recommendations and policy brief

Qualification for Researchers

Specialization of Researchers Qualification Position Required Number
Social Work & Social Development PhD Lead researcher 1

Applicants should have a PhD degree in the respective specialization areas, teaching and research experiences in government universities and international organizations as well as publications in reputable journals.

Professional fee: will be as per the rate of Policy Studies Institute

Duration:  The duration of the research service is 60 days (2 months) after the signing of the agreement between the researcher and PSI. However, the following condition needs to be met during the life time of the agreement.

  1. The consultant should accomplish every deliverable within three months as of the date of agreement.
  2. The payment shall be made after deliverables are submitted and particulars will be determined in the contractual agreement.

Application Submission

Applicants should submit their CV and credentials in person to the Office of Human Resource Development Directorate Director at Policy Study Institute, in front of national stadium, next to Betezata Hospital in ten consecutive working days following the announcement in newspaper or.

Email Address

[email protected]