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  • Posted Date : 09/10/2021
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Call for Consultancy Services

Proposing  Standard Post-harvest loss Assessment Methodology /Protocol

The World Resources Institute (WRI) is an independent, nonprofit global research organization that turns big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity, and human well-being. WRI and its partners are working to address critical challenges that the world must overcome to secure a sustainable future for people and the planet. One of these challenges is to make food and land use systems more sustainable, which will require identifying real, actionable solutions and making them an urgent and shared global priority. That is why WRI, and other global and national actors established the Food and Land Use Coalition. Since 2018, Coalition partners have enhanced research and analysis, developed policy and decision-making tools, engaged in policy dialogue, and build capacity to support the transformation of food and land use systems that meet national needs.

The Ethiopian government realize the enormous impacts of food loss and showed relentless commitment to reduce postharvest loss in the country. Taking action to prevent and reduce food loss offers a rare “triple win” for a business, institution, or other organization, as it can lower economic costs by addressing operational inefficiencies, support efforts to combat food insecurity in communities, and reduce environmental impacts, including its carbon footprint. To be successful in preventing and reducing food loss, countries must first measure how much food is being lost within its boundaries. Measurement identifies the scale of the problem and the hotspots that most need to be addressed and allows for tracking progress over time. Against this background, there is a clear need to develop, test and provide guidance on appropriate methodologies for the measurement of food losses. For this purpose, WRI would like to recruit an experienced consultant firm to propose a Standard Post-harvest loss Assessment Methodology /Protocol Workable for Ethiopia.


  • A detailed company profile.
  • Clear technical and financial proposals.
  • A renewed business license for the current Ethiopian Fiscal Year.
  • A valid VAT Registration Certificate and Tax Identification Number (TIN).


  • Nationally recognized and reputed institution or firm known for conducting studies and experience in postharvest process research/education.
  • Previous experience of developing postharvest loss methodologies in Ethiopia.
  • PhD in Agriculture/crop protection/postharvest technology.
  • Interested applicants can obtain a Terms of Reference in electronic format from Getachew Mekonnin ( )/Gubignet Tekle ( Bemnet Amanuale (  All proposals must be submitted in electronic format by Sep 15 at 5:00 pm (EAT), with copies to /, Please use “Post-harvest loss Assessment Methodology” for the email subject line